[E–pub New] (Unmeasured Strength) By Lauren Manning

  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • Unmeasured Strength
  • Lauren Manning
  • English
  • 08 September 2019
  • 9780805094633

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READ & DOWNLOAD Unmeasured Strength READ & DOWNLOAD À Unmeasured Strength Lauren Manning ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD H that tested her almost beyond human enduranceLong before that infamous September day Manning learned the importance of perseverance relentless hard work and a deep faith in oneself So when the horrific moment of her near death arrived she possessed the strength and resilience to insist that she would not yield not to the terrorists not to the long odds not to the bottomless pain and exhaustion But as the difficult months and y. The content of the book was good and Mrs Manning has survived so much both physically and emotionally I feel that she provided too many details in some spots and not enough in others It was exciting to have the author read the audio book but in some spots she lacked emotion and talked in a monotone which made following the story challenging Over all this was an okay book I can t even image the challenges Mrs Manning has had to overcome in her life I think this book could have been written a little bit better

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Unmeasured Strength

READ & DOWNLOAD Unmeasured Strength READ & DOWNLOAD À Unmeasured Strength Lauren Manning ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD A survivor's awe inspiring story of how she overcame tragedy and re created herself as a wife mother and womanShe was a hardworking business woman had a loving husband and an infant son and a confidence born of intelligence and beauty But on 911 good fortune was no match for catastrophe When a wall of flame at the World Trade Center burned than 80 percent of her body Lauren Manning began a ten year journey of survival and rebirt. Told from the perspective of a woman who beat the odds and refused to give up even when the world s situation looked bleak Lauren Manning s story might not be written this way if it wasn t for the love and support of her family friends and surviving colleagues Unmeasured Strength is here to remind all of us to never take life s little moments for granted and to appreciate our fellow people and be grateful that there s a light at the end of even the darkest tunnels

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READ & DOWNLOAD Unmeasured Strength READ & DOWNLOAD À Unmeasured Strength Lauren Manning ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD Ears went by she came to understand that she had to do than survive She needed to undergo a complete transformation one that would allow her to embrace her life and her loved ones in an entirely new wayFleeing the burning tower Manning promised herself that she would see her son's face again Courageous and inspiring Unmeasured Strength tells the riveting story of her heroic effort to make that miracle and so many others possible. This book is the story of Lauren Manning who was burned over 85% of her body during 911 It is her story of strength courage determination and unwaivering bravery It starts with Lauren arriving at the World Trade Center Tower One right before the first plane flew into the building from there it moves to her standing at one of the elevators which opened up and engulfed her in flames Heroic measures were taken by someone standing by and eventually she is moved to a hospital that specializes in burn victims There with her husband extended family and people she had never known she embarks on a very long journey to heal and find her life again It was truly moving and inspiring It brings up the fact that when you feel as if everything in your life is bad someone has a worse scenario I highly recommend this book not for the enduring pain she went through but to point a light to the fact that we are capable of healing ourselves and finding great inner strength