Inheritance E–book/E–pub

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  • Inheritance
  • Steven Reigns
  • English
  • 15 January 2020
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    Read Inheritance Inheritance E–book/E–pub Read & download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Steven Reigns STEVEN REIGNS Inheritance ‘Silence only protects predators’Reading Steven Reigns’ unflinchingly real poems is a reminder of one of the core aspects of poetry observe or experience withdraw for perspective condense and distill and place with polished craft on a page In his collection of poems INHERITANCE he has done just that though these poems cover a period of history in the poet’s life a history that reflects

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    Inheritance E–book/E–pub Read Inheritance Steven Reigns writes with a memoirist's clarity and a clear mission to excise the demons of the past to expose buried secre

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    Inheritance E–book/E–pub So relatable So haunting So true

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    Inheritance E–book/E–pub This compelling collection of poems captures the essence of growing up in a fractured home It is written with a deep sense of urgency by an extremely talented and seasoned poet who takes ownership of his complex upbringing exposing his raw vulnerability with profound candor Reign's book transcends pain and shame and he sh

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    Inheritance E–book/E–pub 2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

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    Inheritance E–book/E–pub Beautiful poems that read like vignettes and paint a vivid portrait of Reigns' childhood and maturation

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Read Inheritance Steven Reigns Ú 9 Free read Read & download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Steven Reigns Poetry LGBT Studies The autobiographical poems of Steven Reigns's INHERITANCE introduce us to the gains and losses of a true American family and detail the beuests of the shadows that linger Reigns glosses. STEVEN REIGNS Inheritance Silence only protects predators Reading Steven Reigns unflinchingly real poems is a reminder of one of the core aspects of poetry observe or experience withdraw for perspective condense and distill and place with polished craft on a page In his collection of poems INHERITANCE he has done just that though these poems cover a period of history in the poet s life a history that reflects childhood family and the gradual unraveling of the Norn s thread of life moments that brought him to the place he now occupies a mature poet who has survived the at times cruel dynamics of coming to grips with his own sexuality He has not only stepped above the hurdles of his past physical and sexual abuse from family pain inflicted from the venom of schoolmates from a temporary hiding place with drugs and encounters not always positive but he has also gained degrees in both Creative Writing and Clinical Psychology all providing the matrix on which to publish five volumes of poetry create several art installations art performances and works of art and serve his community as an innovative and meaningful teacher Steven Reigns is then successful and one of the motivators of his success has been his addiction to personal narrative to share his own journey a uietly magnanimous gesture to all those who struggle with coming to accept self especially sexual selfReigns accepts his past holds his parents accountable for their parenting in at times acerbic tones that only time has reshaped to create tolerable memoriesSHE KNEW In a dream I m with my neighbor We are boys standing in the basement of my boyhood home He is holding me down touching me and I become aware there is someone watching My mother is there The touching continues but my fear is replaced with shame My mother does nothing except watch I feel her anger her disgust her disappointment It is directed at me I wake up from the dream I can t cry I write it down to prevent amnesia She knew I shouldn t have been surprised when I heard about mom not confronting her brother when my sister complained of a cousin who fondled felt up and ngered places of her anatomy she couldn t even name By not telling my mother I was spared the knowledge she wouldn t have done anything Spared 20 years of having this unnamed feeling In a way my silence did protect me Until the dream and penned note beside my bedThose paternal expectations that breed self contempt even without spoken words Reigns shares in the followingDAD S EMPIRE He rubbed my mother s swollen belly Dreamt of the All American Boy he d raise games of catch putting worms on hooks and giving advice on the ladies He took photos at the birth The second child a boy his dreams nally ful lled The family is now complete They are the American dream suburban home 2 cars privacy fence a dog one boy one girl a 401k and secrets we keptAnd when parental confrontation occurs instead of guidance and support and understanding that might have smoothed the already treacherous road of self perception and sexual identity ahead the abuse continuesAFTER THE BALLGAME I m on the toilet pants around my ankles My mother knocks opens the door lets herself in to the bathroom after a baseball game I was forced to play I should have locked the door I m naked exposed vulnerable I am captive She sits on the edge of the bathtub and talks to me about how much I embarrass her my light voice my limp wristsmy lack of baseball ability You know if you keep acting like a girl maybe we should start putting you in dresses I cannot think of ways to leave this situation My pants and underwear rest on my cleats My ass dirty my torso naked You seem to want to be a girl Maybe we could go to the doctor and he can make you a girl I sit humiliated listening to her words of degradation Teased in the halls of school spit wads aimed at me on the bus and now this The toilet the timing the topic keeps me from retelling the story for twenty years Still blaming myself for being girly and not locking the door She will not mention this conversation again I don t either out of fear of hearing her words This is when I thought silence would protect meWith mature courage Reigns is able to relate serious types of abusive behavior while still maintaining that reuisite cage of silence that was his homeJOSH Age eleven at summer s end I watched my thin redheaded neighbor change from bathing suit to Boy Scout uniform Watched his naked body marveled at the freckled pigment The strongest image was when he stepped into his white underwear I glimpsed the barely hidden hole of his ass Large puckered swollen slight bruises on his hips After seeing gay pornography for the first time seven years later I was able to recognize what I had seen His little boy s ass had been used Who was taking advantage of him His father Brother Boy Scout leader If he would have con ded in me I wouldn t have thought such actions were odd After all it was happening to me I thought every boy carried these secretsBut Reigns moves on beyond childhood experiences such as these developmentally important or bruising as they were and is able to step into the world of proximity to others who shared his proclivities Some of these experiences are tainted by the insecurities of persistent memoriesARE YOU EMBARRASSED TO BE SEEN WITH ME I asked the uestion a common uestion in the house I grew up in I looked to my friend for an answer who cringed at the uestion cringed at what lay under it cringed at my abandon when asking The unconsciousness of it all the lack of anything but my looks to de ne me Would you be embarrassed to be seen with me She alters her pursed mouth and smiles slightly The facial expression a mother would give to a foolish child Steven you never need to ask that uestion again It was the first time I uestioned the uestion that I had never asked to anyone else but my parents and the mirror100 % excerpt My grandfather a man who pats my head rubs my back kisses my cheek tells me he loves me and hopefully isn t ashamed that other men do the sameAnd as Reigns moves on into being openly gay trying relationships longing for others he still is able to relate his responses in citing truths because for him truth is interesting than fiction With candor and courage he speaks of the ineuities of power In his words Secrets are some of the worst things to inherit and I don t intend to leave any behind in my will WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THAT WITH YOUR GOOD LOOKS It was said as a reminder to keep my desires in place Tongue in check implication was my looks weren t enough to be of value That I had nothing else besides the poor uality of my face It was also a hint at their unwillingness to pay for things standard in the role of a parent Their saying was always present even when they weren t It kept me impoverished disempowered wanting My idol in Miami reading and signing a book I longed to hear her read from This was the biggest desire of my 22 year old life not knowing how I d afford gas to get there The mail came and I opened the envelope a check for my modeling underwear at a club I thought of my parents I wanted to dial the phone and answer the uestion YesEX S WEBPAGE I fumble onto my recent ex s webpage A page designed to solicit sex I feel uneasy It starts off Hi guys and I think how he is now courting en masse How nothing is sacred that what he shared with me will be shared with all But I am not na ve There is nothing physically I could have given him that I had not given to others And I think about what was between us how after we broke up we had sex The motions void of the unbridled emotions we had once felt for one another He wrote that he is not choosy and my ego s bruise blackensTHE DEAD I read his obituary Not only will he never breathe eat or sleep he will never fuck I remember the hot tub his wandering hands and I feel honored to have shared that with him I ve shared sex with so many who are now dead been there to give a moment of pleasure to a shortened life Knowing them in ways their mourning mothers couldn t have known Knowing their bodies not like the back of my hand or hometown but as a uick destination I d visit for adventure excitement ejaculation I knew their bodies when they had pulses when their heartbeats uickened and their chests heaved with the intensity of orgasmTo desire them now feels odd as the very vessel I lusted for decomposes And when one of our sexual scenes ashes through my mind during masturbation I appease my guilt remind myself that this is a away I knew themAn ex lover s way of honoring the dead and honoring the places I touched that cannot be touched againExcerpting poems from a collection as powerful as INHERITANCE is than a challenge for a reviewer deciding which poems best isolate varied moments of life experiences choosing some because they are so elouently written mourning the exclusion of others that may have provided friendly bridges for others Steven Reigns has gained awards in the past and will undoubtedly be garnered in the future But there is another role he has assumed that validates his position as both a fine port and a caretaker of the human spirit Reigns organized and taught the first ever autobiography poetry workshop for GLBT seniors publishing their writings in a volume MY LIFE IS POETRY He has extended his honest narrative to encourage others to follow And that is a giftGrady Harp

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Read Inheritance Steven Reigns Ú 9 Free read Read & download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Steven Reigns Over nothing to reveal the secrets that turn suburbia into a coming of age battlefield As Mark Doty says Steven Reigns's graceful plainspoken lyrics describe the shape of one gay life at the beginning of th. Steven Reigns writes with a memoirist s clarity and a clear mission to excise the demons of the past to expose buried secrets to the air and most importantly to offer a voice of compassion and understanding to those who ve been down the same roadThe cycle of abuse recalled in Reigns new collection Inheritance 13 Lethe Press is nightmarish in its scope from being sexually abused by a neighbor to the constant verbal and physical abuse from both parents who don t understand their gay son These memories are journalistic in their concise factual reporting but also resonate with understated lyricism There are no wasted words or sentimentLike Kim Noriega s chapbook Name Me which I reviewed last week Inheritance is a journey one must undertake but the road is often filled with landmines sure to make readers wince than once And yet Inheritance is not only a necessary journey but a must for survivors and those untouched by abuse There is a deeper understanding being told in these poemsIn Playing With The Doll a nine year neighbor gradually turns from molesting a plastic doll to a young Reigns When his mother finds the semen coated doll and Reigns tells her of the abuse her response is You re such a liar don t blame it on anyone else You re sick Steven The neighbor eventually moves on to molesting Reigns sisterThe mother figure beaten and demoralized by the father takes out her anger and frustrations on her son looking for any way to embarrass him or call his burgeoning sexuality into uestion In After the Ballgame the mother taunts Reigns as he sits on the toilet needling him about his poor performance as a baseball player a sport he was forced into by his fatherI cannot think of ways to leave this situationMy pants and underwear rest on my cleatsMy ass dirtymy torso nakedYou seem to want to be a girlMaybe we could go to the doctor and he could make you a girlWhen Reigns moves away and begins to explore his sexuality the abuse from his past continues to haunt him He wallows in cocaine one night stands and yearns for real love and affection Meanwhile his friends from the party circuit begin to succumb to AIDSReigns turns to poetry to replace his missing parental figures In Mother he details his attraction to female poetsReviewing my bookshelf I appear like a lost boy than a bibliophileSeeking out a mother figurefrom women who mother wordsAlong the way Reigns finds familial bonds again from his sister and his elderly grandfather who loves him unconditionally From 100%My grandfathera manwho pats my headrubs my backkisses my cheektells me he loves meand hopefullyisn t ashamed that other men do the sameInheritance ends with Reigns still struggling to learn to love himself but there is also a spark of hope from the friendships and relationships he s made since he left his abusive childhood home Reigns poems have a cinematic uality about them so it s fitting this collection ends on a cliffhanger I m eagerly awaiting the next installment

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Read Inheritance Steven Reigns Ú 9 Free read Read & download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Steven Reigns Is new century a time of uncertainty transformation and hope To read his book is to meet a man alert to his times and the textures of the lives around him a community observed with tenderness wit and pleasu. So relatable So haunting So true