E–book [Gli amori difficili]

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  • 262
  • Gli amori difficili
  • Italo Calvino
  • Italian
  • 06 October 2020
  • 9788804375906

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Read & download Gli amori difficili Gli amori difficili Download Ñ 108 Free read Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Italo Calvino Ore sembra far consistere non solo una ragione di disperazione ma pure un elemento fondamentale se non ad. Perhaps you are like me and always have a book It is physical the ledge we look over to the other the real world And it is metaphysical intertwining with our own existence characters and plotlines merging from the page to the street the office the bedroom Oh it gets muddled A tortured drunken sleep where one wonders if the conversation the gaze the regret was real or did I dream it did I read itAmedeo Oliva always has a book He took it to the beach The book became every book a constantly changing kaleidoscope a picture carousel He d look up over that ledge see the rocks the greenish blue water the obliue dash of a crab But they were only peeks He looks down always looks down as the carousel turns and Raskolnikov counts the steps that separate him from the old woman s door turns again and Lucien de Rubempr gazes at the towers and roofs of the Conciergerie before sticking his head into the noose turns again and a cannonball falls at the feet of Prince Andrei turns again to a shop filled with engravings and statues where Fr d ric Moreau his heart in his mouth was to meet the Arnoux familyAmedeo peeks again A woman languishes on an air mattress rolling down the twin pieces of her swimsuit to catch the sun She waves asks for a light for her cigarette She does not move away when he touches her Amedeo enters the water troubled And it turns again How will this end He obsesses What will be the outcome with Albertine Would Marcel find her again or notSuch is a day at the beach in The Adventure of a Reader There are other Adventures here of a Soldier of a Bather of a Clerk of a Photographer of a Traveler of a Nearsighted Man of a Poet Twenty eight stories in all very simply told like fables There are stories of War and what happens after War We walk through mine fields and are taken as a partisan back to headuarters A German soldier tries to take one animal after another from the Animal Woods I have him in the sights of a rifle and I am a very bad shot It is relatively easy to break in to commit A Theft in a Pastry Shop harder to leaveLooking up and looking down What parts were real I would like to think I would have put the book down when the other bathers left unlike Amedeo who made love to the woman in the cove while holding a finger in his ever turning book so he wouldn t lose his place But perhaps you are like me and never really put the book down

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Gli amori difficili

Read & download Gli amori difficili Gli amori difficili Download Ñ 108 Free read Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Italo Calvino «Se ueste sono per la più parte storie di come una coppia non s'incontra nel loro non incontrarsi l'aut. People will forget what you said People will forget what you did But people will never forget how you made them feel You Mr Calvino I ll never forget how this book made me feel An immensely gifted writer Calvino displayed his genius in this collection by plucking the ignored or trivial fragments of moments we experience at one point or another in our lives and weaved them together to present these gems of short stories How vividly he captured the minute happenings around us and served us some riveting tales makes me revered in awe of him There is some confusion in regards to the edition of this book as I gathered from other reviews here that most of them have read the edition containing following four partsRiviera Stories Wartime stories Post war stories and Stories of Love and LonelinessMine edition however has three sections namely Difficult loves Stories of Love and Loneliness Smog and A Plunge into Real EstateDifficult Loves is the highlight of this collection containing 11 short stories ranging between 4 10 pages and every single one of them wowed me by their brevity and impactful writing And kindly don t compare this book with Italo s other works like If on a winters night or Invisible Cities There is no wild imagination on display here but rather simple accessible writing about simple people With each story Calvino gracefully unearths the most complicated emotions buried deep inside various characters and talks about loves that are difficult to embrace in the world driven by conventions and morals A married woman desires to have a good time without her husband a reader who wants to read just read a near sighted man s adventure to adjust and accept the inevitable changes a piece of accessory brought to his personality and conseuently his life a photographer who wants to capture every single moment in his camera so on and so forth The underlying theme remains the same Love Love for someone and for something and difficulty to proclaim that love and carrying on one s life with or without such proclamationSmog revolves around a man who re locates to a different city which has for long been victimized of industrial pollution and how he got used to the so called polluted air around him and conseuently made him see the difference between human beings he had known for life and those whom he had known for a short period of time and how in the process he started noticing things he had long ignored throughout his life Calvino has beautifully captured the love story between two characters which again is not according to the conventional standards of love A passage I particularly liked In other words I loved her And I was unhappy But how could she understood this unhappiness of mine There are those who condemn themselves to the most gray mediocre life because they have suffered some misfortune but there are also those who do the same thing because their good fortune is greater than they feel they can sustain A Plunge into Real Estate depicts the story of a family who in order to better their economic conditions gets involved in business with a real estate agent and how uinto the protagonist started experiencing the implication of material world in his life This story in my opinion is a generalized take on Italian Economy during 1950 s in general and bourgeois class in particular but again it s an engaging tale that entails that society builds character and shapes our beliefs in the most unlikely circumstances Calvino lovingly carries his readers alongside him and makes them experience the world through his words and makes them experience their own world through his creativity After reading Difficult Loves I can easily say that he s one of the most versatile Writers I ve read An ideal companion who understands you and makes you understand him by displaying virtuosity of a master story teller

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Read & download Gli amori difficili Gli amori difficili Download Ñ 108 Free read Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Italo Calvino Dirittura l'esistenza stessa del rapporto amoroso» Dalla nota introduttiva di Calvino alla prima edizion. It would be something of a misnomer to categorise this loose collection of short stories as novellas on love the stories mainly concentrate on vaguely diffident young and middle aged men who are seeking some form of gratification whether it be romantic love the gratification of finishing a book whilst being harangued by an attractive woman on a beach or of living la dolce vita in RomeCalvino suffuses his style with a sense of lightness and poetry his words caress the page and the images he conjures delight the reader if I was to think of a word which categories Calvino s style it would be whimsy as whiffs of beauty are interspersed with the uotidian concerns of the nonentities who populate his novel the ephemeral flickers of beauty which the characters experience serve to ignite the melancholy of his narrators The sky could be seen above the roof no longer limpid but bleached covered by an opaue patina as in Gnei s memory and opaue whiteness was wiping out every memory of sensations and the presence of the sun was marked by a vague still patch of light like a secret pang of griefThese flickers of beauty are interspersed with the long often rambling studies of the narrator s inner lives Whether it is Gnei and the one night stand which rouses him out of his stupor but whose excitement he is unable to articulate to anybody so Calvino does it for him or the idle and somewhat hopeless brothers Ampelio and uinto and their financial dealings with the sly and vituperative Caisotti there is little aim or meaning to Calvino s stories outside of the emotional journeys which the characters go on the stories act as exercises or Calvino to demonstrate his story telling abilities and his creativity blank canvasses which Calvino is able to paint with his wonderful imagination and uninimitable eyeNow he was on guard as if every degree of perfection that nature around him achieved a decanting of the blue of the water a languishing of the coast s green into gray the flash of a fish s fin at the very expanse where the sea was most smooth were only heralding another higher degree and so on the point where the invisible line of the horizon would part like an oyster revealing all of a sudden a different planet or world