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Free download Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Onfronting his homosexuality in an atmosphere of macho bravado within the police forceA man of intelligence strength honesty resourcefulness and intense dedication to the people of Hawaii Kimo. This book is brilliant I have had this book on my to read shelf forever and I wish I had read it sooner It is a really fab murder mystery that kept me guessing to the end The story weaves romance family friends conflict coming out and self realisation into an excellent whole It is both gripping and exciting Kimo the detective solves the murder at the same time as coming to terms with his sexuality his emotional needs and the ripple effects that result from his coming out Not only is the story engaging but it is set in Oahu Hawaii with a backdrop of sun surfing sand mountains and beauty All these different aspects come together to create a book that is emotionally and intellectually satisfying Reading this was like eating a very good meal and I am completely satisfied but of course hungry for I am so glad that this is a series Six books to go

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Free download Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Mahu a generally negative Hawaiian term for homosexuals introduces a uniue character to detective fiction Kimo Kanapa'aka is a handsome mixed race surfer living in Honolulu a police detective c. Divided on this one The writing is very good and Plakcy has clearly researched the Hawaiian location and police procedures There s lots of details here and it feels realistic but at the same time the delivery is very factual matter of fact we re taken through the procedures rather than living them Sometimes I found the Hawaii termsdetails overwhelmed the narrativeIt s with Kimo s family that the most emotion lies It s real and raw His brother s anger his parents confused loyalty his colleagues prejudices This isn t a romance but reads like a coming of age in many respects at 32yrs Kimo is coming out and discovering himself finding out what it means to him to be gay The mystery is there to complicate and force his feelings into the openThe narration is understated While the emotions are there they never uite bubble to the surface For me the effect is uite a bland level story just missing being a powerful read It s good yet I can t see myself following Kimo s journey from here Hugh Hefner 183 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Hugh Hefner yet I can t see myself following Kimo s journey from here

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Free download Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Is a hard boiled hero you will never forget Fast paced intricately plotted thoroughly enjoyable this is a sexy surprisingly moving mystery about discovering oneself as much as catching a killer. 45 starsThe best things about this book are in my opinion the setting and the protagonist KimoI really had the impression I could see Hawaii through Kimo s eyes and I felt I was there with him enjoying the sun and the sea It s not a postcard picture because as a local Kimo has to suffer tourists crowding places and streets and also he visits outside the tourist places telling us what s behind the beautiful fa ade I also liked the mixed cultures and how everyone carries their heritage the stereotypes and clich s but also what s special in their culturesKimo is coming to terms with his sexuality and he feels lost and alone for a long time in the story He has to overcome the shock people around him experience when he reveals he s gay Those close to Kimo find it hard to accept it because it challenges the image they had of him and their own prejudice Kimo has to face all the range of emotions from anger to shame and I found I cared very much about him and his well beingThe book is not a romance because there is no romantic interest it s the story of a man who s decided which way to turn at a crossroad and he can t turn back It takes time for all the people involved to come to terms with Kimo s coming out from his partner from the police to Kimo s family but there s a beautiful and optimistic message of acceptance of the people who matter in Kimo s lifeThe crimesuspence part of the story wasn t as enganging because there were times when I couldn t believe Kimo wasn t making the immediate connections between the pieces of information he was gatheringI will read the rest of the series for sure