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Read ¼ Five Against One ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub More than any other band Pearl Jam embodies the alternative style that dominates rock today From their early days as fame ducking grunge pioneers through their headlin Today Pearl Jam s 10th studio album Lightning Bolt is available Three nights ago my brother and sister in law saw them live in Pittsburgh I listened to their music and read Five Against One by Kim Neely This book was published in 1998 when their 5th album Yield was just coming out By now it seems Neely should be working on a 2nd volume as Pearl Jam s jam just keeps going and going Neely was a Rolling Stone reporter in the early days of Seattle s grunge explosion She presents lead singer Eddie Vedder and the band as a conflicted group of guys They achieved fame so uickly after the release of their 1st album Ten my all time favorite album that they really never were starving struggling artists Because of that and Eddie s intriguing past they appear in the book to be tortured artist types It is nice to know that they have weathered the early days of fame and are still together as a band with a different drummer from the early days but Matt Cameron seems to be a permanent member nowmaking music and putting on kick ass concerts Eddie was born 5 days after me and the other guys are around the same age so I have enjoyed watching them age and mellow I lived in Seattle during those early days and this book was a fun reminder of that time Grunge may have been fueled by angry young rockers but I have always found their music invigorating and life affirming One thing Neely might consider putting in part 2 is Eddie s change of heart when it comes to models At the end of Five Against One he was still married to long time girlfriend Beth Liebling They divorced in 2000 He is now married to MODEL Jill McCormick and they have two kids So much for disliking the cliche of rock stars who marry models If you like Pearl Jam Seattle grunge or flannel you would enjoy this book

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Read ¼ Five Against One ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ch detail A compelling portrait of the band's elusive leader Eddie Vedder and family photos never seen before by the public make this a must have for every Pearl Jam f I d never read a book about PJ so I wanted to read this as it seemed to fucus on the early part of the band which it did for the most part The first part chronicles all the various projects future PJ members had and I found that part very interesting The whole Seattle scene and how it came about is well documented and the author seemed to be there thru all of it and all that is easily the best part of this bookBut obviously her insider status ended in about 1991 and pretty much everything after is either culled from published articles and from Dave Abbruzzese whom she obviously got all she wanted from after he got the boot from the band In fact so much of what happens after 1991 comes from Dave it makes the narrative into simply one side of the story Also for some inexplicable reason she takes 50 pages out of the story about 23 of the way thru to tell the tale of Eddie Vedder s childhood And again they don t talk to all involved but seems plenty OK with basically telling one side of the story But the stangest thing is at the end when Eddie s adoptive father who is a divorce lawyer says there are so many sad tales like it Makes you wonder why we should have to spend an inordinate amount of time reading this particular one I didn t feel it really enlightened me as to why Eddie is like he is as much as I d have thought So I d give the first half of the book 4 stars but the second half only 2 stars

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Read ¼ Five Against One ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub E making battle with Ticketmaster to their current status as self assured survivors Five Against One brings to life Pearl Jam's tumultuous ascent to superstardom in ri I found this really fascinating although appreciate it probably would divide diehard fans due to the less than flattering portrayal of Eddie vedder You get the sense that Dave the drummer who got fired has a chip on his shoulder and might be a bit of an unreliable narrator Whatever the real truth this is a very detailed portrayal of a band unprepared for massive success and how complicated the dynamics in that situation can be Would be interested to read a seuel of how the next 20 years played out