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review Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Free download à 0 Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Saewod Tice Ed with an offer from a new clan an offer that provides her with what she desires But her recently found independence brings discovery and discovery brings two very different men from her past and each of them is determined to claim her One is obsessed with owning her the other desires her as the only person who can make him love agai So uhhhh I read this like really amazing book it s called Amongst the ruins and if you don t read it then uhhhh I guess it s your lossThis book was truly amazing I received this book from the author for an honest review in return It s the first novel in the promising 2020 chronicles When I finished reading Amongst the ruins I completely fangirled to the author and she hasn t replied yet so I think I scared her Maybe the part where I told her I loved her did itOk so onto the serious part of the review Heck this is going to be hard to write I m still so HYPER about the bookI genuinely don t know where to start or what to say to prove how phenomenal this novel was It s hard to sum up awesomeness in a few paragraphsUnlike most dystopian novels whose plots sound promising but fail to deliver this story really struck me and is now one of my favourites of all timeThe plot was basic yet seemed so complex at the same time In the future the remaining 15% of the population live in clans due to the collapse in society after a nuclear disaster devastated mankind The Nigredo are savage radiation twisted mutants almost human like if it weren t for their lack of empathy who threaten to ruin the life mankind has managed to salvage from their past failures but they re not all that endanger Shilo s life her freedom and future Young Shilo s transformation from a young girl in hiding to a young woman who will stand her own ground is compelling and dangerous Everything she does is to survive Nothing else matters but survival in this world but for young Shilo survival isn t enough She wants freedom from the trap she s fallen into from the expectations of women in this monster of a world The characters are what make the story The characterization was beautiful and ever so real The heartless men fuelled me with adrenaline and her friends and family enveloped me in warmth I felt everything she experienced as if I were her but at the same time I felt as though I was sat on the side line unable to help her when my heart was screaming at me to do soThe relationships between characters whether they were enemies friends family or lovers were indecisive believable and emotional The feelings characters developed towards one another and the words they wished they d had a chance to say make you realise just how valuable life isI really can t strain enough how prodigious this novel was The plot was simple yet layered the characters all too human and beautifulA compelling read An admirable protagonist Her story will consume youRecommended for 15 due to mature contentLeave feedback of my review on my blog

review Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1)

Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1)

review Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Free download à 0 Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Saewod Tice Women But in a ruined world where anyone could be an enemy only the radiation twisted mutants are clearly identifiable A fertile female is a precious treasure and any lapse in caution can mean a loss of the freedom she longs for Training as hard as a soldier would in order to free herself from social constraints she finds herself fac I absolutely loved this book and read it in 1 day However I will admit that I am disappointed in the ending of this book No I don t always need a happy ending but seriously What is the author s reasons for ending this book this way Did she want to stay away from predictability In this case I would of loved the predictable ending I assumed was going to happen but didn t over the real endingIs the possibility there that in Book 2 we find out that the ending of Book 1 really didn t happen the way we think it didSince finishing this book yesterday I have calmed down a bit and stopped throwing my kindle muttering 4 letter words directed at the author This was a fantastic read even with the ending and possibly POSSIBLY Book 2 will be just as good and I will forgive the author for the ending of Book 1 Shiloh the strong female lead is fantastic Love strong females and she is definitely that Saewood Tice Give us the predictability we wished so much for at the end of Book 1 in Book 2 anything is possible right

Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Saewod Tice

review Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, #1) Free download à 0 Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Saewod Tice In the year 2220 only about 15% of Earth's population have survived and thrived after the Nuclear Disaster of 2020 With the collapse of modern society the population has regressed into eight clans Amongst these clans an unusual girl grows from child to adult Raised on the run and in hiding Shilo wants to be free of the expectations of Amongst the Ruins is my new book love Saewod Tice has written an incredibly awesome Dystopian It s a beautiful love story with struggles of a young girl growing up in world where men claim women as property to repopulate the earth Tice put so much depth into her characters and this dystopian storyline that I felt like I was right there with Shilo living and feeling everything she felt in this future world You better believe I will be begging Saewod Tice for the second book in the The Chronicles of 2020 series Shilo is a rare girl in this world where men possess females as property With blond hair blue eyes and pale skin Shilo s beauty would be a man s most prize possession So Shiolo s mother brother Adley and sister Mazy has keep her hidden from the men in this world who take what they want The group of people Shilo and her family are with are attacked by the Nigredo clan which cause them to run into the Magnus clan territory But this turns out to be good for Shilo She grows into independent women here under General Vahn who is a good man and the leader of a training camp for young boys and men This becomes a place where Shilo and her family are safe For the first time in Shilo life she s allowed to be who she is No hiding and she s also the first girl to be trained to fight Magnus clan will also become the place that she learns of men and their desire for her Haden who lusts for her Elrik who wants to own her body and Kain who loves her with all his heart and she s the meaning of his life Shilo has no desire for men She watched her mother and sister surrender their body s for the protection of their family for years and she is determined no man will claim her body as a piece of propertyShilo and Kain s romance had me laughing screaming swooning and crying These two are so stubbornly hard headed By the time Shilo did understand her feelings for Kain it was a little too late and the worst thing that could happen happens with them Yes my heart is still hurting for these two But Elrik will use this situation to finally get what he s been wanting for a long time Shilo But I just wonder if Haden s going to show back up in the second book I will just have to wait on this one It could go a lot of different waysI love Amongst the Ruins Saewod Tice has built a fantastic dystopian world with awesome characters and amazing romance that had my heart in love right along with Shilo and Kain I will have a very inpatient wait for the second book in this series I highly recommend Amongst the Ruins as a must must read