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Read Home Ice 109 When they were young men playing on the same hockey team the heat between Jason and Mike had been almost enough to melt the ice they were skating on But Mike went off to be a star in the NHL and. Review changed this book WAS stuck in the EC mess but now it s free and on the way to being re released

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Read Home Ice 109 They’re both still in the closet and when Jason is threatened with exposure he freezes The flames of desire can’t melt Jason’s fears but maybe just maybe the warmth of love will thaw the i. Reviewed ByMarissaReview Copy Provided byPublisher I picked this book because I love hockey I love mm romance stories and I had never read Kate Sherwood before More s the pity Sherwood has proven superb in bringing out the edginess of malemale love in a he man world of sports and the narrow mindedness some people possess The story is told from Jason s viewpoint and I would have liked to hear from Mike as well However this story is mainly Jason s from the risk of exposure to the empathy he provides for one of his team members I can easily envision a longer novel with the addition of Mike s story in his fear of being found out and his feelings regarding Jason The sex was right on erotic especially when Mike and Jason get it on in a whirlpool tub But at the same time it is loving and tender Just the simple act of pushing back hair or playing with the hair on a leg brings forth those emotions we women tend to get what I call The Awww Factor I think my favorite scene would be where all the kids on the hockey team show up at Jason s front door regardless of what their parents the team owners or anyone else may think The section brought tears to my eyes and I m going to making Head head heart part of my daily mantra Favorite uote Jase Mike almost whispered I bought too much Chinese on purpose I bought too much last night too And the night before My fridge is full of little tinfoil pie plates

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Read Home Ice 109 Jason stayed behind to start his life as the dedicated deeply closeted coach of the town’s junior hockey teamNow Mike is back in town and Jason finds that their passion burns as hot as ever But. Nice little shortie from Kate Sherwood featuring Jason and Mike I really enjoyed it 4 starsJase is a coach in the Ontario Hockey League and finds himself welcoming back Mike Whitby an old blast from the past who found fame in the major leagues while Jase stayed put in Pine River Now Mike is back divorced and with a child and looking to become the General Manager of Jase s teamcan they work together given their pastSparks re ignite between the two of them and things are going really well when Jase notices that one of his kids Connor is going through a rough patch and gets him up to his office for a chat Connor admits he is gay and is worried about coming out to the other guys and also because his dad caught him messing around with a friend in the bedroomneedless to say dad was livid as it will ruin his son s career Jase gives Connor a hug in support and tells him that he fully understands what Connor is going throughwho better The door opens as Jase is hugging Connor and the next thing Jase knows is that the police are investigating allegations of a sexual nature against him Jase is terrifiedcompletely innocent but terrified and panics he tells Mike that he was just a booty call which is a complete load of crap but he wants to protect Mike from any publicityI ll leave you to discover how this ends