KINDLE [The Stationmaster's Farewell]

  • Hardcover
  • 383
  • The Stationmaster's Farewell
  • Edward Marston
  • English
  • 06 November 2020
  • 9780749040215

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review The Stationmaster's Farewell The Stationmaster's Farewell Free read ✓ 9 As they first believed With a scorned jilted lover a resentful colleague and a violent elder brother among the many suspects the detectives must use all their skill and wit to solve the case Another enjoyable workman like book in the Railway Detective series In this one our smooth sarcastic and condescending hero Inspector Colbeck and his lumpen proletariat sidekick Victor Leeming are called to investigate the death of the popular but obviously not with everyone death of the stationmaster at Exeter St Davids StationThe usual trail of suspects a hysterical woman who convinces herself she was on the verge of marrying the stationmaster not to his knowledge and ends up in an asylum Colbeck s fiancee worrying that he won t complete the case in time for their wedding balancing of the local bishop who is convinced everything is deliberately designed against him Superintendent Tallis brusue manner and a canaryA uick read suitable for bedtime

review The Stationmaster's Farewell

The Stationmaster's Farewell

review The Stationmaster's Farewell The Stationmaster's Farewell Free read ✓ 9 Colbeck and Sergeant Victor Lemming ask when they arrive in Exeter at the reuest of the South Devon Railway Yet as they investigate the stationmaster's life they realize he is not as popular This was actually a fantastic mystery that had me guessing all the way through I like that nothing was clear and simple and the answers wasn t revealed until the end I felt that the returning character grew and that the plot characters where believable and consistent A wonderful mystery 475 Stars

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review The Stationmaster's Farewell The Stationmaster's Farewell Free read ✓ 9 1857 Only when the bonfire finally dies down the charred remains of his body are found Who would possibly want to murder a man so universally liked It's the uestion Detective Inspector Robert The Railway Detective series continues to enthral as Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck embarks on another baffling caseA stationmaster s body is found at the bottom of the 5 November bonfire in Exeter and the railway authorities much to the initial annoyance of the local police force and in particular Superintendent Steele call in Colbeck and his partner the persevering Sergeant Victor Leeming to investigateSuspects immediately emerge when the duo begin their investigations but as is to be expected nothing is clear cut Steele decides that he knows who the murderer is but Colbeck is not convincedIn a well plotted tale the investigations lead to a variety of nasty incidents and with all the local people interrogated the water becomes muddier However the chief suspect at least according to Steele is eventually arrested but Colbeck is still unconvinced and continues his enuiriesMeanwhile his bride to be Madeleine Andrews remains in London wondering whether he will have solved the mystery before their wedding day arrives She eventually decides to make her way to Exeter to be near her intended taking her retired railwayman father with herTheir presence does not hinder the investigations and in a surprising turn of events the culprit is apprehended as Maddy says thanks to her presenceEdward Marston captures the Victorian times and working life on the railways superbly and the series is a delight to read and enjoy