Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler (E–book)

  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler
  • Trudi Kanter
  • English
  • 06 May 2020
  • 9781451688306

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Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub review ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó Trudi Kanter Trudi Kanter Ó 9 Download The astonishing true journey of Trudi Kanter an Austrian Jew whose courage resourcefulness and perseverance kept both her and her beloved safe during the Nazi invasion is a rediscovered masterpieceIn London in 1984 Trudi Kanter's remarkable memoir was published by N Spearman Largely unread it went out of print until it was re discovered by a British editor in 2011 and now for the first time it is avai JOYREAD THIS BOOK If you want to understand what it was really like to live under the Nazisnot yet another fictional black and white accountThis is realThe world of chic Vienna is so well conveyed and with charm and graceelegant prose and we see and imagine the life Trudi hadand it is fun to read Yes FunThen all gets turned around but instead of writers who use hindsightwe wee how Trudi fights back for her business and her family and people do help herit is remarkableShe survives but so often by sheer chance that no fiction writer could come up withand the love story is desperately movingI read this in two days and she s still in my head Glorious

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Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub review ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó Trudi Kanter Trudi Kanter Ó 9 Download Collapses leaving them desperate to find a way to survive Some Girls Some Hats and Hitler is an enchanting true story that moves from Vienna to Prague to blitzed London as Trudi seeks safety for her and Walter amid the horror engulfing Europe In prose that cuts straight to the bone Trudi Kanter has shared her indelible story Some Girls Some Hats and Hitler is destined to become a World War II classic If there is one character in literature who I keep being reminded of in my reading it s Holly Golightly Trudi Ehrlich Katnter could be the Holly Golightly of World War II survivalists Her city is Vienna Her talent is hat making Her writing style is delightful and big eyed She gets her man and sincerely loves him despite other suitors steadily popping up she s insanely jealous and her uick and resourceful mind and can do attitude save the day countless times andshe knows class This is a WWII memoir unlike any other I ve read Trudi whose father is a jeweler is half Jewish and raised in a fashionable Vienna She owns her own hat making business She visits the fashion world of Paris and London She is a successful woman surrounded by 1940s women of power money sexual prowess and beauty Walter her second husband is a successful inventor and businessman in the soft drink industry I really don t want to tell her story of escaping Vienna in 1938 and how she and her parents and husband survived London s war years She doesn t gloss over hardships but her attitude makes them all palatable This would make a great addition to high school libraries I think teenage girls and women of all ages for that matter would enjoy her breezy yet detailed way of description Also she sets an inspirational example Even though they lose so much they begin again She and Walter believe in each other and support each other and are always willing to do what they can for others At times the telling was a bit messy and I needed to reread a passage to see if I missed something There is also a little jumping around Some passages are dated most are not But I didn t feel this detracted much from my reading pleasure And since she had passed away by the time the book was rediscovered and republished there could be no fact checking It is simply Trudi s telling Trudi s book

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Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub review ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó Trudi Kanter Trudi Kanter Ó 9 Download Lable to readers everywhere In 1938 Trudi Miller stunningly beautiful chic and charismatic was a hat designer for the best dressed women in Vienna She freuented cafes She had suitors She flew to Paris to see the latest fashions And she fell deeply in love with Walter Ehrlich a charming and romantic businessman But as Hitler’s tanks roll into Austria the world this young Jewish couple knows and loves This is Trudi Kantor s story of escaping Vienna Austria and living through the war years in London Trudi was a fashionable young woman who owned a hat shop She designed her own hats often after visiting Paris to go to the fashion shows to see what was in fashion for hats She loved her city she loved fashion and she loved Walter Ehrlich She seems to have been separated from but still great friends with her first husband Pepi when the book starts After she meets Walter and falls in love she and Pepi divorce so she can marry Walter but Pepi remains a great and helpful friend to not only Trudi but also Walter Trudi s father is Jewish but her mother is not Walter is Jewish When the Germans occupy Venice Trudi begins to plot their escape hers Walters and her parents In this memoir she tells the story of their escape and life in London including the internment of her husband and father because they were AustrianTrudi is not an author she s a hat designer and an excellent one at that She wrote this memoir in 1984 She doesn t give us a chronological description but rather tells chronological vignettes that provide a glimpse into the difficulties faced the hardships endured and how she felt at certain times including sometimes a detailed description of what she wore Trudi tells of the friends and strangers who helped her from the unknown cab driver to the doorman member of the Nazi party to the neighbors in her building and others She was resourceful and lucky This is an easy to read book You will meet many interesting folks but will not learn what happens to all of them For the most part it is told with a fair amount of distance The narrator relates what happened as almost as if she were an observer It is a good addition to the stories of those who managed to get away