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DOWNLOAD É Poseur By Marc Spitz FREE READ Poseur By Marc Spitz N ’90s and finally as a flamboyant and notorious rock writer partying and posing during the music industry’s heady decadent last gaspPart profane confidential tell all and part sweetly frank coming of age tale this dirty witty memoir finds Spitz careening through the scene meeting and sometimes clashing with cultural icons like Courtney Love Jeff Buckley Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Chloë Sevigny Kim Deal The Dandy Warhols Guns N’ Roses Ryan Adams Paul Rudd Coldplay Pavement Peter Dinklage Jul. The subtitle is misleading It s not a memoir of downtown New York City in the 90 s It s a memoir of a drug addicted writer in the 80 s 90 s and 00 s and most of it takes place in New York But that isn t the biggest snafu With typos than I ve ever seen in an officially published copy of a book I can only assume there was a goof and a rough edition slipped through to the printing plant Because there is no way this could have been the final proofread copy Spelling grammar missing words missing sentencesAlso there is some unchecked sloppiness Minor example Spitz misremembers the F line as being the train at 7th Ave and Flatbush in Brooklyn Never It was the D train back then That s OK Major example Spitz recalls Courtney Love saying that Winona Ryder was enraptured with the Strokes than with any band since the Replacements Then he explains the appeal of the Strokes and cites two songsbut the songs he mentions are Replacements songs He had a brain confuzzlement It happens But he didn t see it later The editor didn t catch that Not OK And if it was meant to be an interwoven mixing of the Strokes and Replacements then it was sloppily written But apart from that when taking this memoir for what it is it s not that bad He has moments of being the very writer he whines about wanting to be In fact it happens freuently As a tale of drug abuse with only some minor repentance it s stark and reminiscent of his literary and rock n roll idols As a tale of girlfriends and flings it s not AS good but he keeps his laments to a minimum Spitz is thankfully old enough now to look back at his self pity parties over women with some mature perspective As a rock n roll scenester story it s middling He was there he says he loves the music but the music seems superfluous A soundtrack to his drug use and writing efforts and romantic affairs It s not a music book which is how this was sold to me He s not a music guy as much as he thinks he is He s a guy who wants to be a writer but happens to really like music sounds personally familiar so he ll make some money from that while scoring some smack not so personally familiarThe music angle gains some legs by the end It s a nice nostalgia turn for the period of nostalgia in the early 2000 s His encounter with LCD Soundsystem s Losing My Edge is the absolute best part of the book Jesus the Strokes liked to do a lot of cokeRyan Adams Jesus As someone who has himself lost his edge I get this book As someone with musical predilections and mercurial attitudes and non musical ones as well I get it As someone who struggles to not view everything through the narcissistic prism of I mixed with the struggle to not deem oneself the ultimate arbiter of everything and expound with academic remove from the mountain on high I sort of don t get it But I used to get it I just wish it wasn t so sloppy

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Poseur By Marc Spitz

DOWNLOAD É Poseur By Marc Spitz FREE READ Poseur By Marc Spitz Marc Spitz assumed that if he lived like his literary and rock ’n’ roll heroes he would become a great artist too He conveniently overlooked the fact that many of them died young broke and miserable In his candid wistful touching and hilarious memoir Poseur the music journalist playwright author and blogger recounts his misspent years as a suburban kid searching for authenticity dangerous fun and druggy downtown glory first during New York’s last era of risk and edge the pre gentrificatio. Asshole might have been a apt title but I suppose Poseur is close enough One might forgive his self serving humility and shallowness if he were not such an awful writer


DOWNLOAD É Poseur By Marc Spitz FREE READ Poseur By Marc Spitz Ie Bowen The Strokes Trent Reznor Chuck Klosterman Interpol and Franz Ferdinand as well as meeting heroes like Allen Ginsberg Shirley Clarke Joe Strummer and Morrissey Along the way he finds literary guru Gordon Lish is a long lost relative and erstwhile pal and sensation JT LeRoy is an even bigger poseurSpitz refuses to give up the romantic ghost until a post–911 breakdown and an improbable new love fellow music writer Lizzy Goodman finally help him strike the hardest pose of all his true se. A writer writing about becoming a writer drug addict a New Yorker and pop culture obsessive moved by music to finally break through as a playwright blogger columnist feature writer screenwriter and author while coming of age in Long Island ManhattanBrooklyn and LABasically this was written with me in mind as someone always interested in frontline subjective reporting on the music drug and culture scene especially if it s in New York and from someone trying to become a writer Marc drops celebrity names and dishes on his interactions with everyone that he can use on his way to the top Essentially a HST self made rock and roll writer deep in the drugs of the 80900 s he lives through the dark broke dangerous days of pre Guliani Internet NYC His stories are egocentric image obsessed drug addled culture documenting funny anecdote after another a memoir worth reading if any of that interests you Enjoyed a lot The Spotify PlaylistSoundtrack to the book should be playing in the background You ll want to hear it once you start reading this book