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True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa Summary  104 In the haunting tradition of Joe McGinniss's Fatal Vision and Mikal Gil's Shot in the Heart True Story Murder Memoir Mea Culpa weaves a spellbinding tale of murder love and deceit with a deeply personal inuiry into the slippery nature of truthThe story begins in February of 2002 when a reporter in Oregon contacts New York Times Magazine writer Michael Finkel with a startling piece of news A young highly intelligent man named Christian Longo on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for killing his entire family has recently been captured in Me It s fair to say that Michael Finkel had a pretty dramatic 2002 He went from being an award winning journalist working at the prestigious New York Times to a publicly disgraced pariah whose career was suddenly in the shitter How In a story about child slavery on West African cocoa plantations he had tried to pass off a composite character as a real person and got found out Then in a call from an Oregon paper that he assumed was about his scandalous breach of journalistic ethics he was asked about the murders of a woman and three children committed by New York Times journalist Michael Finkel WhaaaaaaatThe old adage truth is stranger than fiction certainly applies to this book True Story is the bizarre and thoroughly compelling account of how Michael Finkel fell from grace and then immediately got wrapped up in the case of Chris Longo the young Jehovah s Witness who strangled his family in December 2001 fled to Mexico where he told people that he was Finkel before being caught by the FBI and brought back to the States to face justice The book is an original blend of memoir and true crime masterfully written in the nonfiction novel style pioneered in Truman Capote s In Cold Blood Finkel s scandalconfessionmea culpa though while interesting in itself and adding a uniue dimension to the narrative only takes up a relatively short part of the book as it could be covered much succinctly than Longo s crimes the latter obviously being the main draw anyway I can see why it was included as both Finkel and Longo are revealed as liars albeit to very different degrees Finkel s lies were minor and benign and he s clearly learned from his mistakes while Longo s lies led to the deaths of four people Finkel s portrait of Longo is utterly mesmerising A charming and likeable man with a magnetic personality Longo is also a narcissistic pathological liar who is acutely sensitive to how people perceived him he had to look like a success to everyone especially his wife Maryjane with a complex about his intelligence though the reader can see his limitations from the direct uotes from his letters showing misspellings poor grammar and a pretentious use of complex words to impress his audience Longo was completely incapable of living within his means Like a car crash in slow motion you can t turn away as his failing construction company s finances and his own out of control spending leads him to compound lies with lies before escalating to stealing cars and counterfeiting cheues Things get worse and his behaviour becomes erratic he cheats on his wife the pressure of constantly hiding the increasing chaos from family and friends begets lies theft fraud causing him to up stakes and flee with his family across America desperately trying to stay one step ahead of creditors and law enforcement until it finally all fell apart and overwhelmed him Longo on the stand during the trial is the most gripping section as we see his true nature emerge I found the unvarnished audacity with which Longo brazenly lied to be completely breathtaking revealing himself to be this irredeemable warped almost inhuman creature Not just during the trial but afterwards too the way he continued trying to futilely manipulate Finkel and reality with and lies despite their contradictions There wasn t much I disliked about the book but it definitely dragged a bit in the middle There s a part where Finkel and Longo fall out and waiting for Finkel to win back Longo s favour was tedious And while the final months leading up to the murders was entrancing a lot of Longo s bio was boring his courtship with Maryjane building his business his everyday life very banal stuff Otherwise True Story was an excellent and remarkable read a morbidly fascinating and memorable tale of a deeply disturbing criminal a horrific crime and the flawed but penitent journalist documenting it all who was inadvertently caught in the maelstrom True crime fans will love this and I can easily see this becoming a classic of the genre up there with In Cold Blood

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True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa Summary  104 Hours on the telephone meet in the jailhouse visiting room and exchange nearly a thousand pages of handwritten lettersWith Longo insisting he can prove his innocence Finkel strives to uncover what really happened to Longo's family and his uest becomes less a reporting job than a psychological cat and mouse game sometimes redemptively honest other times slyly manipulative Finkel's pursuit pays off only at the end when Longo after a lifetime of deception finally says what he wouldn't even admit in court the whole true story Or so it seem So I started with The Stranger in the Woods then backed up to read this one Another fascinating story that I couldn t put down Truth truly can be stranger than fiction The utter audacity of Chris Longo boggled my mind That he could murder his family yet carry on with his dramatic charade is mind boggling After murdering his family Longo impersonates Michael Finkel during his Mexican vacation The real Finkel had just been fired from the NYT for making a composite character and carelessly misidentifying a picture BTW I am a total fan of this author who very clearly and without excuses explained why he was fired and took total responsibility for his missteps He deserved this new project which came along at the exact right timeMany conversations and letters between Finkel and Longo are shared If you just like to cut to the chase you re not going to like this amount of detail I was pleased to read and form my own opinions about Longo s mental state and actions He was a liar manipulator thief and murderer Yet his unmistakeable charisma and good looks allowed him to get away with much than the average person He could look someone in the face and lie to them repeatedly Once caught he had no plan other than violence My heart broke for his wife and children As the omnipotent reader I wanted to warn them to run fast and far I did believe that his wife gave him far too many chances and their Jehovah Witness beliefs clouded her visionI did not see the movie version of this story as I enjoy every word that Finkel writes Perhaps that s a slight exaggeration but I will let it stand

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True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa Summary  104 Xico where he'd taken on a new identity Michael Finkel of the New York TimesThe next day on page A 3 of the Times comes another bit of troubling news a note written by the paper's editors explaining that Finkel has falsified parts of an investigative article and has been fired This unlikely confluence sets the stage for a bizarre and intense relationship After Longo's arrest the only journalist the accused murderer will speak with is the real Michael Finkel And as the months until Longo's trial tick away the two men talk for dozens of Omg What a book I picked this book because I saw the preview of the movieSince it is based on true story I wanted to understand the story before it hits in the movie theater I started reading the book three days ago and could not rest until I finished it This story is about a con man who is convicted of murdering his whole family who performed many illegal work and impersonated a real New York Times journalist Michael FinkelThis is very interesting memoir from of the writer who falls from his own grace of journalism for falsifying a headline story and his a year long correspondence with the connarcissists Christian Lango and their weird friendshipFinkel does a good job on acknowledging his short coming and his embarrassment as a journalist in an honest way in this book I felt his writing style of building up the storyline was great in making the reader stop and wonder what the heck is wrong with these two people I felt he worked really hard to find a way to comeback as a writerAlsothis story is about husband and wife relationship and family members lies and deceits what drives people to do illegal work and continuously repeat over and over again Overall I am happy to see Finkel s life back as a writer Every person should get a second chance