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Reign of Coins Read & Download ó 104 For William Barrow two thousand years is a very long timetoo long when it is a perpetual punishment for betraying Jesus ChristThe man originally known as Judas Iscariot is on a mission to recover thirty silver shekels once paid to him for his ultimate treachery Twenty two coins have been recovered leaving just eight to go But when his Russian nemesis Viktor Kaslow also becomes immortal the stakes are immediately raised Kaslow has followed William and his son Alistair to Hong Kong in search of a ‘blood coin’ passed down through Genghis Khan The coin presently belongs to an esteemed Chinese collection But along with the coin are other cursed items from the famed Mongol Emperor William soon learns he can’t have the ‘one’ without the othersWilliam has waited eight hundred years for a second chance to reclaim this particular coin that inspired the Mongolian Empire’s bloody violence it was once famous for While Kaslow closes in seeking his own vengeance William and Alistair race against the CIA and an unscrupulous American businessman intent on reaching the cursed ‘treasure trove’ before themMuch is at stake for the Barrows and the world as a deadly weapon unseen for centuries lies in wait alongside blood coin number twenty t Before you read The Judas Chronicles please read The Judas Reflections first if you are interested in this series There are characters that turn up in this book that are in The Judas Reflections Reign of Coins gets 3 blood coins from meSo Ladies and Gentlemen what is the best selling book No Ladies unfortunately it is not it is this book is The Bible Okay so leaving Religion out of this review if there are shifters weres and witches Why couldn t Judas Icariot be alive and kicking paying the price of betrayal For two thousand years William Barrow aka Judas is after the 30 Shekels that he was offered to betray his friend and mentor So far William has collected 22 of the coins and is on number 23 which leads him and his son to China specifically Hong Kong this is slight problem with this plan as the CIA want his help and Will s arch nemesis is there as well This book is well written and the plot has potential but seeing as I didn t read The Judas Reflections I was confused at the best of times I also felt that the same thing was going on in this book then in the previous one If the third book is offered as a freebie on then I m game otherwise I won t bother

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Reign of Coins Read & Download ó 104 Re or an amoral humanAiden James provides a dark thriller that grips fans from the opening” Harriet Klausner for “The Forgotten Eden”“Aiden James writing style flows very easily and I found that “Cades Cove” snowballed into a very gripping tale Clearly the strengths in the piece were as the spirit’s interaction became prevalent with the family The Indian lore and ceremonies and the flashbacks to Allie Mae’s earthly demise were very powerful I think those aspects separated the work from what we’ve seen before in horror and ghost tales” Evelyn Klebert author of “A Ghost of a Chance” and “Dragonflies”“Aiden James has a keen eye for detail and an uncanny knack for scaring the hell out of me We are watching a master at work “The Raven Mocker” is a nearly perfect thriller Ghost stories don't get any better than this” JR Rain Bestselling author of the “Vampire for Hire” series“As with the previous titles I have read by this author I found the author's writing style to be silky smooth and the main plot line to be extremely creative The fertile imagination of Aiden James definitely knows what today's readers want to see in their stories” Detra Fitch Huntress Reviews for “The Vampires’ Last Lover Loved this book It was full of adventure and intrigue William Barrow and his son Alistair go in search of the 23rd coin What greets them there is pure unadulterated evil in the faces of Viktor Kaslow and Christian Morrow who are after another artifact in the same area William and Alistair are helped in their search by Sulyn and her ailing father The forces of good and evil meet and it makes for a very exciting storyline Highly recommend it

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Reign of Coins Read & Download ó 104 HreeThis new edition of Reign of Coins comes to you after a thorough tightening of the story following constructive feedback during the past year I would like to thank Alisa Gus of Curiosity uills Press for her invaluable editing assistance in preparing this book for re release Peace to all Aiden James April 16th 2013Acclaim for the novels of Aiden James“The intense writing style of Aiden James kept my eyes glued to the story and the pages seemed to fly by at warp speed Twists turns and surprises pop up at random times to keep the reader off balance It all blends together to create one of the best stories I have read all year” Detra Fitch Huntress Reviews for “The Devil’s Paradise”“Aiden James has written a deeply psychological gripping tale that keeps the readers hooked from page one” Bookfinds review for “The Forgotten Eden”“Not only is Aiden James a storyteller par excellence but his material for his story is riveting” Huntress Reviews for “The Forgotten Eden”“The hook to this excellent suspense thriller is the twists that will keep readers wondering what is going on as nothing is uite what it seems Adding to the excitement is that the audience will wonder whether the terror is an evil supernatural creatu For William Barrow two thousand years is a very long timetoo long when it is a perpetual punishment for betraying Jesus Christ A well written book Suggestionread the 1st one in series before this one I did not realize until I was a little ways in that it was the second book My bad If I had read it in order some of the things that Judas referred to I would have understood better Great editing the words flow well without getting hung up on too much back story The past was referenced at the right times and kept to a minimum Likable and hateable characters as Will Barrows aka Judas and his son search for the 30 pieces of silver There is not a religious feel to the book which I think is great for many people Would recommend this one to anyone old enough to read and understand Fun adventurous I did find William Barrows a bit of a snob but hey he s had 2000 years to perfect it EnjoyASINB00810X59E Reign of Coins The Judas Chronicles 2