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  • Multiple Choice
  • Claire Cook
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  • 20 June 2020
  • 9781441701589

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Free read Ü Multiple Choice 104 Livia is off to college and March is secretly doing the same thing It's a high voltage shock when they run into each other as student interns at the local radio station From the author of Mu Not completely terrible but not overly stimulating either so far Just not much actually seems to happen It s possible it s about pick up as of the last chapter s developments I m a bit worried thoughI feel I can identify a little too easily with the 50yr old s pov instead of the 18yr old s should I I m only 32 I know March the Mom is who we re supposed to root for but I m just feeling a bit old There s probably a good reason this was on BN s clearance rackOk so a week later and maybe not completely terrible was a bit generous as I ve been absolutely uninclined to pick this book up even once I m so close and it s such an easy read I just want to finish it and be done but alas uninspiredWell I m never going to finish this one because it s astoundingly boring I cannot get myself to pick it up off the shelf at all Put a fork in it I m done

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Free read Ü Multiple Choice 104 A new laugh out loud novel from the national bestselling author of Must Love Dogs There was a time when March Monroe thought she and her daughter Olivia would never really cut the cord Now O This is a poorly written book where a lot of things almost happen but nothing really does Most of the dialogue is forced and random and doesn t seem like something people would actually say in the given situation The husband and wife are in a fight after two or three sentences that seem harmless enough The daughter is like a bratty 13 year old than a grown college aged woman The characters are in turns one dimensional cliched and unrealistic and you never really believe their motivations There s a lot of talk about the pet bird and cat and you think the pets will have an important influence on the story but it never develops The best friend is completely pointless as she adds nothing whatsoever to the plot and in a movie would just be an unpaid extra I speed read through the last five chapters because it did not hold my interest and I just wanted to get it over with Skip this one

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Free read Ü Multiple Choice 104 St Love Dogs this effervescent story will strike a chord with women of all ages whether they have kids in college or are just now choosing their majors Reuired reading for absolute enjoyment March Monroe is returning to college just as her daughter Olivia is beginning her freshman year of college Different colleges same town but both of them becoming interns at a local radio stationTheir mother daughter relationship is fragile enough but this shared experience may put them over the edge Told through March s perspective the reader experiences all of her angst with her daughter s anger at sharing the same space as well as her growing inertia of a marriage going stale her husband Jeff and son Jackson Doing too much spreading herself too thin and struggling with a physics class may just too much particularly when there s a flirtation going on with the radio station s producerEach chapter starts with a multiple choice uestion which is infused with humorous answers Will March and Olivia settle their differences Will March and her husband Jeff find their way back to each other Is it possible to have it all Lots of choices for Marchmultiple choicesLighthearted story with characters that could be friends and situations that are both uplifting and sometimes sad