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Read ✓ Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 109 Lauryn April Ê 9 Download characters Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 Ead Will she figure out who has this dark secret or will she fail to find him in timeThrough her search to do the right thing Ivy discovers that knowing the thoughts and secrets of those around her may just tear her apart. Awesome Way cute Loved this story Although I should be deeply disturbed by it My biggest fear in life for my children is being victims of crazy kids at school The book starts off with Ivy telling the story of how it all happened At school Ivy had a good crowd of friends She didn t look down at people but she didn t stick up for them too Being shallow and following what everyone else though that was the life right When Christy got a hold of the key to the pool at the Club house their group of friends jumped at the chance to do a little night time swimming without anyone around At the pool the girls were having fun Damon was there with Eliza and Chase was there with Christy Ivy and Ti decided to go grab a beer When Christy called out Ivy s name she turned only she didn t realize at the time that her foot was at the edge of the pool She slipped and fell hitting her head on the stair in the shallow end she nearly drowned Instead of calling an ambulance instead of calling their parents Ivy insisted she was ok and they rushed back home Ivy knew something was wrong she could feel it but she didn t the others to get in trouble So she went on with her life The next day at school she felt dizzy and fuzzy with a pounding headache but still she went on It wasn t until the buzzing noise and pain in her head stopped suddenly that she began to hear the thoughts the thoughts of her peers around her the teachers everyone within distance from her The noise became too intense she couldn t take it any She knew that she couldn t tell anyone Her friends would think she was crazy and no one else would believe her that is until she walked up to the school to wait for her friends and she heard Brant the schools bad boy who was smoking not to far from her Probably a bitch just like Tiana Ivy couldn t help but speak out about herself and her friend and that s when Brant found out about Ivy s secret The noise became too intense at school getting louder and louder as the day went on when lunch came around and Ivy opened the doors to the commons area she became overwhelmed by the thoughts going around she fainted And just as she started to black out she heard one thought A month from now they ll all be dead Whoa That was freaky I really didn t know what to think of when I read the blurb on this book but this was not it It was pretty intense if you ask me I really think the author did a great job spelling it out though She brought up good ualities that the youth is struggling with in schoolGreat story D One my daughter will enjoy reading as well

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Read ✓ Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 109 Lauryn April Ê 9 Download characters Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 People around her as well as herself Because of this ability Ivy becomes the one thing that stands between an angry teen and the death of every student on campus The only problem is she doesn’t know who wants everyone d. This starts off as interesting and gets and so The main character Ivy is at first under the influence of a superficial vain set of girls who see themselves as high flyers but gradually her new abilities lead her not only to detect a deadly threat to her fellow students but also that people are often very different from how they appear to be This has happy and unhappy conseuences for Ivy who begins to uestion her old valuesIn company with the School Bad Boy colourfully and sensitively drawn Ivy is forced to confront the dangers into which her new extra sensory powers lead her I particularly like the conjoining of the psychological and the psychic in this book The writing is lively but there are serious points being made about teen culture The two main characters stand out because they are learning to uestion the accepted values of their contemparies They are lead into an uneasy partnership and a terrible sense of responsibilityThere are a lot of brilliant descriptive touches so many that it is hard to pick one out but my favourite is the clouds looked like orange waves rolling in and crashing against the darkening sky The characters are excellently drawn in this the pace is well maintained throughout the tone of realism is impressive and the contrast between the normal school background of Ivy and her associates makes a telling contrast to her strange experiences This is the third YA I ve really enjoyed of late and I have to give it a five star rating

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Read ✓ Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 109 Lauryn April Ê 9 Download characters Into the Deep Into the Deep #1 Ivy Daniels is a high school junior still learning who she is After an accident Ivy finds herself with an ability she doesn’t want an ability to uncover secrets which uickly begins to redefine what she thinks about the. Warning spoilers aheadIvy is a typical seventeen year old part of the popular group Trying to fit in doing things she doesn t really want to do because she doesn t want to be alone Things change for Ivy the night her and her friends sneak into the Country clubs swimming pool The night of her accident Now she isn t just the typical seventeen year old now she can hear the things that no one should Now she can hear the personal things that no one shares with anyone she can hear the thoughts of those around her With this new ability not only does she start to doubt who she really is but she starts to view her friends and those around differently At first the things she hears is like a trickling of water but as the days past it s like she s standing outside in a hurricane she is bombarded with voices And one voice stands out from them all A month from now they ll all be dead Ivy has a month to figure out who that voice belongs to and to stop him before it s too late While doing this she starts to make new friendships friends that she doesn t need to change to fit in with For the first time she feels comfortable being just herselfInto the Deep is a well written young adult novel with mystery romance friendship I really enjoyed the story but at times I felt like I knew this story No I haven t read it before my favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer it felt like I was reading the episode Earshot from Season 3 Where the book isn t exactly the same there are a lot of similar things The ability to hear peoples thoughts searching the school to find the person who they think is going to kill everyone This time tomorrow I ll kill you all BtVS Earshot Over allA great book that I highly recommend to those who enjoy a well written young adult novel mystery coming of ageself discovery books Looking forward to reading Hidden BeneathI was given a copy for review from the author Lauryn April Thank you for gifting me this copy