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  • The Calling (Cooper Moon #1)
  • Cheryl Shireman
  • English
  • 06 November 2020
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The Calling (Cooper Moon #1) characters ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF This is the story of Cooper Moon a handsome womanizer who has found God under some unusual circumstances Cooper is the last person one might expect to experience such a conversion and no one is skeptical of this sudden turn of events than Cooper’s wife SallyCooper has not only found God he has also decided to build a church He faces a few obstacles He has never read the Bible he has. You will fall in love with this cast of characters and you will care what happens to themThis book is about an unlikely fellow that decides to go the straight and narrowHe finds out that road has many curves and pot holes along the wayThe cast of characters are a hoot and you really get wrapped up in their livesI say read it

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The Calling (Cooper Moon #1) characters ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF T like real life The novel is the first of the four book Cooper Moon seriesRead the book that Kirkus Review describes as At its core this is a story about class karma and ordinary people trying to accomplish difficult goals that reuire extraordinary strength of body mind and spirita strong engaging voice A satisfying feel good novel about human shortcomings perseverance and serendipity. I have to get the next book I cannot wait to see how this story will end It was so good I laughed got angry at the characters and mentally wondered how I would react if I was a character in the story All the characters were so vivid that I could actually see them as I read about them This is a beautifully written story that makes one think about the strength of one s own faith in God Thank you Cheryl Shireman and Good Reads for the great read

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The Calling (Cooper Moon #1) characters ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF No money and he has a well deserved reputation as a slacker Throw in a couple of scheming women who aren’t ready to give up sleeping with Cooper a jealous husband with a grudge and things begin to get complicatedFilled with a cast of characters you are sure to love and hate Cooper Moon The Calling is a story of love faith determination dreams sin lust hope revenge and despair – jus. Author Cheryl Shireman publish nextTitle Cooper Moon The CallingDescription Cooper Moon is a philandering drunk who gets into a barroom argument with a friend who claims that a person can just say some words and God will enter that person In order to prove him wrong Cooper says the words and finds himself not only converted but obsessed with having his own church Review source I was sent the book in exchange for a review Plot The book follows Cooper and his wife and their friends and acuaintances in their small Michigan town Cooper s uest to build the church is central but there is also TJ s uest to win a television reality show Frank Violet s disintegrating marriage and every woman in town s burning desire to take Cooper away from SallyCharacters On the positive side the characters are a little uirky and pretty memorable Cooper is a problem though I think that the author was trying to show how radically faith can change someone so she imagined the most disgusting character possible when we meet him he is dead drunk and has wet himself She has to put temptation in his way though so she makes him irresistible to women That was hard for me to wrap my head around I found him disgusting He does put his whole heart into changing his life though and it s engaging to watch him blunder around as he learns what it means to be a believer One note the villain is way over the top and the book would have been better without himWriting style I d call it character driven and uirky I enjoyed reading the book Audience This is Christian fiction but I think even non Christians who wonder about the life changing conseuences of a decision that wasn t even really intended would enjoy this bookWrap up The author promises that this is the first book of a four book series and to drive the point home this book ends with a cliffhanger I would have preferred the ending without the cliffhanger If someone gave me the next book in the series I would probably read it but I don t know that I ll go looking for it It was a cute enjoyable read though 355