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  • 01 January 2019
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Tracking Justice Summary ¼ 0 Xas And when Eva insists on helping Austin can't turn her away Eva trusts no one especially police but this time Austin and Justice won't let her down. Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy 4 STARSTracking Justice is a Texas K 9 Unit continuity series bookIt has a lot of dramacute kidcute dog and some romance thrown together and it leaves some unanswered uestions for the next book in the series so I hope it is coming soonEva Billows is a single mom who is independant She works and goes to school while being a good mother She thought she heard her son so got up to check him and he was goneBrady age 7 is missing at 2 am He did not argue with his mother and runawayPolice detective Austin Black in the K 9 unit answered the call He was curious about thier being two calls to this street hours apartEva answers the uestions but she wants him to take his dog and start searching right nowWhen he loses the tracks in the woods near by and they start a search command Eva says she is going with him to find her son She will not be talked out of it She had a cell phone so if someone else found him or uestions they can get in touch with herEva was brought up to trust no one The police were not much help in solving her parents murder over a year ago eitherI like Eva and Austin both our untrusting in relationships and don t want to be attracted to each otherThis is a fast read keeps your attention in the story Also keeps you wanting Its a clean read I want to read of Shirlee McCoy s books in the futureI was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley01022013 PUB Harleuin Imprint Love Inspired Suspense ISBN 10 0373675410 288 pages

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Tracking Justice Summary ¼ 0 On He has to so he can put to rest his own harrowing memories With his search and rescue bloodhound Justice Austin searches every inch of Sagebrush Te. Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoyTexas K 9 Unit Series Book 1Police Detective Austin Black and his long eared partner Justice have a job to do Sometimes it ends happy but not always They work in search and rescue and just received another call a boy gone missing Austin could only pray it would turn out to be one of the happy endingsEva Billows was taught not to trust anyone but God and herself When her son Brady goes missing she isn t going to trust anyone to find him without her Especially considering the police already failed her by never finding who murdered her parents And she definitely was not going to let her heart believe that some men were good was sheThe first book in this new Love Inspired Suspense series definitely has me wanting to read the next five books As in all series some of the mystery is solved in the first book and love is found but there are still some bad guys out there to be caught Looking forward to the next book in this series Detection Mission by Margaret DaleyReceived through NetGalley for reviewhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcomhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

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Tracking Justice Summary ¼ 0 In the night a young boy goes missing from his bedroom Police detective Austin Black assures desperate single mother Eva Billows that he'll find her s. Tracking Justice is the first book in the Texas K 9 Unit continuity series I missed the first couple of books back in 2013 so I m super excited to have had the opportunity to read Austin and Justice s story How can you not love a suspense with a bloodhound hero And his handler is pretty cool too Austin s a dedicated K 9 officer who has seen a lot in his career Enough to know that he can t afford to become personally involved in a search But somehow Eva gets past his defenses as she doggedly refuses to be left behind Frustration turns to admiration and a grudging respect for the determined single mom and it isn t long before Austin is falling hard Eva s wary though prickly and guarded with a past history that makes it hard to trust both cops and men Great romantic tension explodes off the page as danger draws closer and an intriguing web of mysteries beg to be solved A page turning delight