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  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Wind Tamer
  • P.R. Morrison
  • English
  • 12 November 2018
  • 9781582347813

P.R. Morrison ½ 4 Read

Wind Tamer Read ´ 104 P.R. Morrison ½ 4 Read Summary Wind Tamer Learns the truth about why the wind seems to be coming for him He is about to fall under a terrible family curse Starring an eccentric cast of characters this original tale of adventure and magic will enchant readers of all ages. A little juvenile than I was expecting The story is a very slight thing lightly and neatly done but with no great depth There s no real sense of peril and what should be the central theme the nature of courage is barely touched on Enjoyable but lightweight

Summary Wind TamerWind Tamer

Wind Tamer Read ´ 104 P.R. Morrison ½ 4 Read Summary Wind Tamer Archie Stringweed is sure that the wind talks to him It seems to creep up behind him and blow him along the pavement; to drape itself around his shoulders and screech in his ear And things get even stranger as his tenth birthday. When Archie Stringweed turns 10 years old he doesn t expect anything out of the ordinary to occur He ll have his friends over get a new video game eat some cakenothing extra special However when his long lost uncle Rufus returns with news of some very troubling matters soon to occur Archie begins to get worried It doesn t help when he starts seeing glowing orbs of green light getting pushed around by gusts of talking wind and visited by very large birds bearing strange gifts With a gigantic cursed tornado drawing ever closer and a series of mysterious magical birthday presents to find will Archie make the deadline in time I really enjoyed this book though it wasn t exactly what I expected It was definitely creepier than it first seemed with lots of well paced suspense and mystery I liked the characters and animals that were introduced along the way and th

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Wind Tamer Read ´ 104 P.R. Morrison ½ 4 Read Summary Wind Tamer Approaches A strange ball of green light hovers by his bed and a giant white bird appears at his window carrying a mysterious gold coin What does it all mean When Archie's long lost Uncle Rufus unexpectedly returns Archie finally. Read to my 7 yo daughter Rated by her