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Download Í ueen Anne 104 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ý Edward Gregg characters Queen Anne Elf it is eminently worthy” Angus McInnes History “With the appearance of this volume a generation of revision in ueen Anne studies comes to fruition” Henry Horowitz American Historical Review “The best kind of biography scholarly but sympathetic as well as highly readable” John Kenyon The Observer “Bold startling imaginative and persuasive” GC Gibbs London Review of Boo. ueen Anne has often been portrayed as a pasteboard character a dull weak irresolute woman dominated by favourites her policies determined by the outcome of bedchamber uarrels So writes Edward Gregg in his extremely thorough biography of the first ueen of Great Britain who ruled from 1702 to 1714 As a ueen falling between the much legendary Elizabeth I and Victoria Anne doesn t get much copy these days though I was interested to read about her after the film The Favourite of a few years ago Much of that film is fictionalized but a lot of it bears the stamp of truthAnne was the second daughter of James II who succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne James converted to Catholicism which was tantamount to abdication as he was sueezed out in what was known as the Glorious Revolution His eldest daughter Mary had married William of Orange and they ruled together After Mary died William ruled aloneWhile Anne was a girl she was pulled by various interests It was the hope of the Jacobites who supported James that she also become Catholic But to do so would have scotched any chances at her taking the throne James had a son by another wife who would be forever known as the Pretender this is a title given to anyone who claimed the throne But he too would not renounce his Catholicism and Anne became ueenGregg tries to prop up her reputation She was an active ueen taking part in all the major decisions of the day Her reign was marked by the rivalry between parties the Whigs and the Tories plus the Jacobites who never gave up on a putative James IIIShe was married to Prince George of Denmark but she never produced an heir What Anne may be known now than ever is that she had seventeen pregnancies but none of her children survived into a adulthood Therefore the succession was determined to go to the house of Hanover a part of modern Germany which were second cousins The dowager of Hanover Sophia was set to succeed Anne but she died just before Anne did and therefore George I became king starting the Hanover lineGregg certainly leaves no stone unturned and at times there may be detail than the average reader can handle The palace intrigue is dizzying The second most important person in the book is Sarah Churchill the Duchess of Marlborough who was Anne s friend and confidante They referred to each other in letters as Mrs Morley and Mrs Freeman Sarah s husband was the Duke of Marlborough who led England to many victories in the War of Spanish Succession with France But over the years Sarah was presumptuous even accusing the ueen of lesbianism with Abigail Hill Masham who was played by Emma Stone in The FavouriteOther important players in this drama were Lord Godolphin who was her most trusted adviser for many years and Robert Harley At times the narrative becomes confusing as Gregg refers to Harley by his name until he becomes the Earl of Oxford and thereafter calls him by that name The same happens with Henry St John who then is called Bolingbroke This may be technically correct but may reuire a scorecardThe major events of Anne s reign were the unification with Scotland in 1707 when the two countries plus Ireland became Great Britain and the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 which ended the fighting with France the French king at the time was Louis XIV Through the use of many letters and their idiosyncratic spelling Gregg shows that Anne was actively involved in these eventsAnne died in 1714 without heir Her legacy seems to be in things that are named after her such as architecture than anything she did as ueen She was an invalid for much of her life all the miscarriages and stillbirths couldn t have helped and Gregg points out that her less than stellar reputation was largely formed by Sarah Churchill who wrote a memoir that did not paint her former friend in a good lightMany Americans find the idea of a monarchy especially a hereditary one as ridiculous but an Englishwoman once explained to me that the purpose is largely as a neutral leader in a constitutional monarchy Anne recognized this there were no executions during her reign and she always acknowledged the power of Parliament The divine right of kings is idiotic as there have been several weak sovereigns but in England s case for the most part it seems that those who take the throne own up to their responsibility including Anne

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Download Í ueen Anne 104 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ý Edward Gregg characters Queen Anne Vements and has long been pictured as a weak and ineffectual monarch dominated by her advisers This landmark biography of ueen Anne shatters that image and establishes her as a personality of integrity and invincible stubbornness the central figure of her age Praise for the earlier edition “A thoughtful and authoritative study easily the best thing we have on the ueen Like Anne hers. The best bio of ueen Anne still out there It isn t as intimate as the recent bio that came out recently but for a good point to point depiction of the ueen and her times this is it

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Download Í ueen Anne 104 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ý Edward Gregg characters Queen Anne The reign of ueen Anne the last Stuart monarch was a period of significant progress for the country Britain became a major military power on land the union of England and Scotland created a united kingdom of Great Britain and the economic and political basis for the Golden Age of the eighteenth century was established However the ueen herself has received little credit for these achie. I don t like reviewing non fiction books since they are not my favorite to read in the first place I turn to them when I want certain uestions answered or confirmed and this book did that It is very dry and text bookish but I enjoyed the fact the author added the correspondences between Anne and Sarah Churchill You can read between the lines and decide for yourself who controlled or loved who 5 stars for information but it wasn t hard to put down for me either I believe if you enjoy nonfiction and want to read their letters for yourself you will enjoy this