Full Throttle Yearning (KINDLE)

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  • Full Throttle Yearning
  • Aurora Rose Lynn
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  • 15 January 2018
  • 9781419944819

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Full Throttle Yearning characters ✓ 100 Meets her later at a diner pretty in pink Charlie discovers she's a woman with a secret and he'll do anything to keep her safe Hiding her true identity Roxanne Abernathy doesn't do men in expensive silk suits who are richer than sin Charlie V.

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Full Throttle Yearning characters ✓ 100 When a biker chick cuts him off in traffic then parks in his spot at the courthouse lawyer Charlie Vernon is hot under the collar and it has to do with her perfectly shaped backside clad in black leather than the sultry California heat When he.

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Full Throttle Yearning characters ✓ 100 Ernon is cool good looking and wealthy a bad bad combination in her mind But Roxie has a problem A madman intent on killing her is on the loose and Charlie is the only man who can help And she doesn't know what she wants from him justice or lu.