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read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Andrew Smith Andrew Smith ´ 0 characters summary Doctor Who Destiny of the Doctor #3 Isappears abducted by an alien race that has a grievance with humanity Their intention is to harness the power of the stones in order to take their revenge For the Doctor and the Brigadier the race is now on to save their new friend Mike and the entire planet Ear. A very enjoyable story explaining how Captain Mike Yates came into UNIT with a great script by Andrew Smith who effortlessly brings the 70 s back to life provided with great performances and narration by Richard Franklin Trevor Littledale 810

summary Doctor Who Destiny of the Doctor #3Doctor Who Destiny of the Doctor #3

read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Andrew Smith Andrew Smith ´ 0 characters summary Doctor Who Destiny of the Doctor #3 Ry officer a young lieutenant by the name of Mike YatesThe Doctor discovers a link to the recumbent stone circles that are plentiful in this part of Scotland The stones are thousands of years old and are soon revealed to hold a terrible secret Then Mike Yates d. The sense of underwhelming in this story comes immediately as the familiar theme music of the Third Doctor s era is bizarrely absent and in its place is a poorly produced knock off version that sounds as if it is composed on an electronic keyboard relic from the 1980 s While perhaps a minor uibble the usage of the TV theme tunes to each Doctor s era truly sets the tone straight away and in this story the replacement version is so poor it turns the experience sour and gets the whole thing off on the wrong footRichard Franklin is a poor choice to handle this particular audio story Possessing none of the mimic abilities of Frazer Hines in the previous story Franklin gamely makes a few slight attempts at sounding like the Brigadier and only barely carries it off in very small and isolated doses He makes no attempt whatsoever to mimic the Third Doctor s highly memorable delivery and perhaps it s just as well as Pertwee s portrayal was and remains so well established only truly skilled mimics can approach such a monumental task The result unfortunately is a one man performance in which every character sounds exactly like every other character and it is easy to get confused in a whitewash of similarity Franklin even fails to recapture his previous companion character of Yates and overall his tone is stilted monotone and flat It sounds very much as it is one man reading lines in a sound booth There is no sense of epic grandeur no dramatic recreation of a bygone TV era nothing that would mark out this story as anything special whatsoever It is easily the poorest of the series thus farThe story itself is uite pedestrian and by the numbers Yet another alien menace with a bone to pick with humanity yet another alien menace who feels as if they can justify a claim to Earth and yet another alien menace that The Doctor tries to negotiate a peace treaty with while The Brigadier cocks the guns behind his back and begins blowing things up The whole thing descends into mindless shooting the main baddie swears oaths of alien vengeance on behalf of his people and in the end nothing much is resolved except of course our heroes are left standing to ponder the balance between military preventative action and alien diplomacy As a story it serves as a greatest hits package of the era it is drawn from and neither delivers nor offers anything new Some plot points appear to borrow heavily from the classic story The Deamons and suffer from comparison to that gemOn the positive side while the story itself is weak and derivative there are a few nice character moments for Yates in particular To begin with this story establishes that Yates was seconded to UNIT like all of its personnel from the regular army and depicts the very moment this is achieved It establishes his earliest relationship with his future best friend Benton as well as his initial encounter with both The Brigadier who promptly promotes him to Captain as well as The Doctor It is fun to hear his reaction to Bessie the roadster and to the mobile UNIT headuarters inside a Hercules cargo planeIn summary this story would have worked far better as a memoir of sorts of an older Yates recalling events from decades ago retrospectively rather than attempting to create a contemporary story in which Richard Franklin fails to recreate an entire era with any degree of accuracy Many of the Companion Chronicles series from Big Finish have chosen the former tactic and it works to great success as the listener feels as if they are being told stories directly from an older companion reminiscing on the past Doing so accounts for the aged sound of many classic series actor and actresses voices and the framing narrative generally works better Not every former companion actor can deliver performances to the level of Frazer Hines after allThis story was a chore to finish even though it was only an hour long

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read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Andrew Smith Andrew Smith ´ 0 characters summary Doctor Who Destiny of the Doctor #3 Two RAF fighter jets are on a training flight over North East Scotland when one of them is plucked from the air and promptly disappears UNIT are called in and the Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart are soon on the scene They enlist the help of a local milita. A fun short tale featuring UNIT that is certainly inspired by and drawn from the Pertwee era Also interestingly this adventure provided an introduction for Mike Yates and his first meeting the Doctor