Under the Radar (Read)

  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • Under the Radar
  • James Hamilton-Paterson
  • English
  • 11 January 2020
  • 9780571273980

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Under the Radar characters â 4 James Hamilton-Paterson É 4 Free read ; the future of the RAF bomber fleet is in doubt And there is a spy at RAF Wearsby who is selling secrets to his Russian handlers in seedy East Anglian cafesA macabre Christmas banuet at which aircrew under intolerable pressures go crazy with tragic conseuences and a disastrous encounter with the Americans in the Libyan desert are among the high points of a novel that surely conveys the beauty and danger of flying better than any other in recent English literature. Looking for my next read I found this on my Kindle I d read it before but was ready to read it againIt s not great writing It s largely a technical description of what it was like to fly V bomber Vulcans at the height of the Cold War wrapped around with stories of espionage and personal relationships But since I like flying and technical stuff and I live through the Cold War and I thrilled at the Vulcan howl I enjoyed it

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Under the Radar

Under the Radar characters â 4 James Hamilton-Paterson É 4 Free read Ace opens James Hamilton Paterson’s remarkable novel about the lives of British pilots at the height of the Cold War when aircrew had to be ready 24 hours a day to fly their V bombers to the Western USSR and devastate its citiesThis is the story of Suadron Leader Amos McKenna a Vulcan pilot who is suffering from desires and frustrations that are tearing his marriage apart and making him uestion his ultimate loyalties Relations with the American cousins are tense. I rather enjoyed this book The technical aspects describing the aviation and military elements are pretty spot on The story line addresses some of the issues surrounding life on the V Force during the height of the Cold War and also some social issues affecting those in the armed forces at the time I did however feel that it was all wrapped up pretty uickly at the end with all the plot lines closed all of a sudden as if the author were on a deadline As a keen reader about the Cold War mostly factual I was enjoyed this technically accurate work of fiction

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Under the Radar characters â 4 James Hamilton-Paterson É 4 Free read 1961 A suadron of Vulcan aircraft Britain’s most lethal nuclear bomber flies towards the east coast of the United States Highly manoeuvrable the great delta winged machines are also euipped with electronic warfare devices that jam American radar systems Evading the U S fighters the British aircraft target Washington and New York reducing them to smoking ruinsThey would have done at least if this were not an exercise This extraordinary raid which actually took pl. The author of Under the Radar also produced a rather fine aviation book Empire of the Clouds and his knowledge of aircraft and flight come through and add a strong sense of realism to this work The book follows a Vulcan bomber pilot through part of his career in the RAF and through various key stages of the Cold War The descriptions of the life of a Vulcan crew in flight seem pretty convincing from my limited knowledge and give a sense of both the long periods of tedium and the brief moments of excitement demanding uick mechanical reactions Borrowing extensively from real missions including the classic simulated Soviet attack on the US mainland in which the RAF in the guise of the bad chaps wiped out a good part of US major targets without challenge thanks to the Vulcans boxes of electronic tricks There is also a nice reference to the lack of concern shown towards aircrews with regard to protection from fallout when monitoring and sampling Soviet nuclear tests in this case it sounds like a reference to the 1961 Tsar bombThe book really strips away a lot of the gung ho glamour often associated with such fictionalised accounts of the services showing a disparate bunch of young men in the employ of a state directed by it s masters to protect it from enemies within and without The pressures and disgruntlement among the men is nicely conveyed There is a background story around the personal lives of a number of characters including sexuality and the strains of being gay in the services at a time when being yourself was unacceptable There is also a sympathetic treatment of the lot of service personnel wives the poor housing long periods of separation and the constant dangers faced by spouses even in peacetime activity With the whole thing set in the at best of times bleak Fenlands it is all beautifully grim The boneyard of wrecked aircraft provides a nice funereal constant through the pages and seems to reflect life for many on the base That said there is plenty of humour a lot of it very dark and of the time Nutty slack and Watneys Red Barrel even make it into the pagesI was given this book as a gift and I m glad I was as I might not have come across it otherwise unless I d made the connection with the author s name from Empire Of the Clouds or if I had might not have bothered to pick it up It turned out to be a book that provoked some thought as well as being an enjoyable read