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Free download Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Free download ´ 104 Victory As she is forced to develop skills she never knew she had she struggles to reconcile what is real in her life and what is a dream all her beliefs put to the test Jamie Kirkland attempts to right the wrongs of his father who perpetrated the rift only to be told he is facing a useless death Even if his efforts will not make a difference to. From the time that the main character Kate a New York professional white collar worker plunges into the fantasy lands of Hallion to the time she and her merry band of accomplices descend beneath the monastery to the gloomy depths where they fight hideous creatures and she becomes separated from the group I was bored Unfortunately that was a good third of the book riddled with so much inner dialogue and tidbits about the fantasy world that were random and unfocused I kept reading though intrigued by the idea of a modern day woman suddenly entering an alternate fantasy worldFrom that point on the book took off I loved the ecstasy that Kate savoured when she was treated to a luxury spa when recovering from her battles and how she was trained by the over zealous warrior Wolperia And Ryyd the gentle all knowing lion that accompanies Kate on her adventures who wouldn t want a companion like that The encounter with the bog witches and the mythology that was spun out in great delicious detail was amazing This author is very uniue and she s demonstrated that she s than capable of unravelling totally new and inspired mythology making I don t want to give too much away but the riddle of the nine cups was an amazing plot device Like I said this author has a totally new take on epic fantasy bringing in some modern taste I see that she writes a lot of romantic history which does not interest me at all As a man I m glad she writes this kind of fantasy so I could truly enjoy what she writesThere are some what the heck moments in the book like a Roman end of empire party being held in the middle of fierce fighting but if you can get past the beginning that starts after she is transported into this fantasy realm you ll definitely be rewarded

Free download Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1

Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1

Free download Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Free download ´ 104 Saving Hallion he has to support Kate in her struggle to discover the clues of their mission a race against time that will take them to the heart of evil They have to recover the six items that will give them the power to restore Hallion but they have to face all of their own inner weaknesses to succeed and a dark force that permeates everythin. This review is written by Nic s wifeDecently written and a fun fantasy story There were a few leading things to the initial setup that felt heavy handed to me but not enough to actually prevent me from engaging with the story I wasn t as thrilled with the second act when Kate s verbose weakness became overwhelming and there was one plot element that I kept waiting for one of the characters involved to uestion it further Fantasy s usually got its twists and turns though so sometimes you just have to look at the overall journey rather than any given moment of itIt could use a proofread there were enough missing words extraneous words or uotation marks or missing uotation marks to slow me down picking apart what was intended But it was definitely worth the effort I m not as huge a true fantasy fan as I was in my youth but that s mainly because I found a few great ones that no other entry to the genre could compete with I might have to give it another try though because the Trials of Hallion definitely whet my appetite for fantasy

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Free download Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Trials of Hallion Two of Swords book 1 Free download ´ 104 Through a dimensional rift stuck inside a tarot card spread and trying to solve the mystery why her aunt stole something that could spell the end of an entire continent modern New Yorker Kate McKnight has to face the fact that she has landed in a different world Totally unprepared she is plunged into a war where evil is moving toward resounding. From Corporate America to Magical ScotlandFar from New York Kate McKnight settles into Liliath Cottage in the Scotland Highlands left to her by her Aunt Mattie Kate s dreams are filled with visions of a female warrior ard by a cloak with moving symbols the blood of battle and a hawk Mattie s last letter to Kate hints at magic and spirits Kate scoffs her aunt had been a fortuneteller and a healer But in the letter Mattie hinted at a mystery Mattie had committed a grave mistake Her last reuest is for Kate to right the wrong starting with Jamie KirklandJamie Kirkland the Earl of McAndrew and Kate s neighbor is sick of his life He wants to work on his computer games and his scripts Instead he spends his nights dealing with Eavesdroppers pesky plant demons determined to drive him mad Vines writhe around the mansion threatening to break apart the building The Hallions harass him ordering him to take up the Old Art To add insult to injury his home reeks of stink weed To right the wrong Kate and Jamie must join forces As they work together they must navigate a strange and terrifying realmand a malevolent force determined to divide them foreverTalented Maria Greene demonstrates her versatility as a writer with her fantasy Trials of Hallion Book 1 Two of Swords The book pulls the reader at a brisk pace with believable characters along for the fantastic ride