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    EBOOK Moonlight Lover 35 starsFerrarella has an exceptional command of language but lacks story telling skillsthe book dragged and was very choppy The prose was excessively flowery and poeticgreat for perhaps a short storyor even few palces in the book but if every paragraph is packedit disconnects the reader from the characters

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    EBOOK Moonlight Lover Historical romance American Irish British and FrenchSet at the end of the American revolution Irish educated newspaper writer Rachel meets meets Sin Jim the second son of a British aristocrat former British army officer Rachel and Sin Jin leave America with Rachel's foster father Ben Franklin to witness the final signing of the pea

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 416
  • Moonlight Lover
  • Marie Ferrarella
  • English
  • 14 February 2020
  • null

SUMMARY Moonlight Lover

FREE DOWNLOAD ò Moonlight Lover Marie Ferrarella à 1 FREE DOWNLOAD SUMMARY Moonlight Lover The rebels But the former officer found himself facing off against a very different kind of adversary when he escorted drunken Riley O'Roarke homeand was confronted by a fiery Irish beauty wielding a loaded musket Headstrong Rachel made clear that he was unwelcome in her home But the reluctant passion blazing in her emerald eyes told a different story indeed And now all the enflamed Englishman wanted to do was draw her lush curves close against him kiss her until she begged for and posses her forever in love's ultimate embrace.

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FREE DOWNLOAD ò Moonlight Lover Marie Ferrarella à 1 FREE DOWNLOAD SUMMARY Moonlight Lover Sin Jin and the Irish SpitfireRachel needed nothing but her brother and a good musket to hold off the men who came at her like hungry wolves until Sin Jin Lawrence taught her what love was really forAn unforgiving heartIn the bitter wake of devastating tragedy Rachel O'Roarke and her brother had fled Ireland to seek refuge on the shores of Colonial America But Rachel could never forget how the British had destroyed her family and knew she'd hate them until she died Then a tall blond haired stranger showed up on the doorstep of.

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FREE DOWNLOAD ò Moonlight Lover Marie Ferrarella à 1 FREE DOWNLOAD SUMMARY Moonlight Lover Their Virginia home His name was St John Lawrence he was obviously Englishand far too handsome for his own good Though she vowed to have nothing to do with him the spirited flame haired beauty soon found herself unable to resist his virile charmsespecially when he swept her into his arms in the silvery moonlight and claimed her lips in a heart stirring kiss that made her senses reel and her heart cry out for his loving caressAn unrelenting passionSt John had turned his back on his oppressive homeland to throw in his lot with.