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Free download Ayah by Thushani Weerasekera ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Erial India to the slums of Victorian London and opens our eyes to the horrendous treatment of Indian women abandoned in the capital Ayah is full of memorable characters who could just as easily find a. I was keen to read a novel about the Raj from the point of view of an Indian character but was unfortunately highly disappointed by this book It was poorly written in the fashion of all too many under edited probably self published books I ve read recently missing or misplaced commas strange or repetitive uses of words and phrases on the nose narration etc It also had a strange plot structure that hopped back and forth in time without obvious purpose wasting too much time on backstory relying too much on coincidence and following too many characters and plot threads Compounding this was the fact that the unsubtle writing made all the characters often seem hopelessly naive and over emotional particularly unfortunately the two main Indian characters which sometimes created the impression of an old fashioned colonial narrative about simple minded natives in awe of the White Man in stark contrast to the book s supposed message In overall tone the book also veered between sober historical novel misery lit and fairytaleromance novel wish fulfillment with the childish writing style and contrived happy ending clashing horribly with scenes of brutality and sexual violenceIf all of the above sounds suspiciously like my review of bargain bin fantasy author Morgan Rice s latest offering that s because I was reminded uite strongly of Rice s work down to noticing shared uirks like overuse of the word million

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Free download Ayah by Thushani Weerasekera ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ‘Ayah is a magnificent historical love story about the forbidden relationship between an English gentleman and his Indian servant Thushani Weerasekera takes her readers on a gripping journey from imp. When I say I devoured this I literally devoured this I couldn t put it down I was constantly rooting for Jemima worrying with her sympathising with her and hoping for better things for her poor unfortunate self A beautiful tale of how love knows no boundaries and success can be earned through hard work and dedication Thoroughly recommend

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Free download Ayah by Thushani Weerasekera ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Home in Dickens It is an utterly compelling story beautifully written I would recommend this book to any reader of serious fiction’ Danny Scheinmann Best selling author of Random Acts of Heroic Love. This book deserves than 5 stars It was indescribableIf you have any reservations about the book I can safely say that you would be damning yourself to think such a thing once you ve experienced the wonders of the book The book was written so perfectly and kept you intrigued throughout with growing affections for the character sI highly recommend this book there s highs and lows within the story but it always leaves you with the happy feeling of never give up hope I adored this book and never wanted it to finish you felt like you were in the story witnessing it first hand full of emotions keeping you deeply involvedNot only is it an amazing book such a page turner but it gives you descriptive insight of life in the mid 1800 s for all casts You enjoy a brilliant book as well as learn a little historyPlease read you will definitely not be disappointed