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  • Ciudades radicales. Un viaje a la arquitectura latinoamericana
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Ciudades radicales. Un viaje a la aruitectura latinoamericana Free download ´ 104 Justin McGuirk º 4 Free download Este viaje por lugares extremos en América Latina empieza en México a la sombra de una inmensa barriada de viviendas sociales de la década de 1960 cuando las colmenas de pisos baratos parecían la solución a la escasez de vivienda Sigue visitando las villas miseria de Buenos Aires los cerros de Caracas las favelas de Río las casas ampli. This book is just rubbishI found it by chance while looking for urban transport in South America being a brazilian myself and I don t know how to describe my disappointmentThis is the kind of architecture literature that people find acceptable where slums are described as resourceful where poverty is considered exotic and interesting where the foreword contain anarchist uotes and there is no mention whatsoever about objective elements of urbanism transport zoning topography history and city scape Being from Rio de Janeiro myself and knowing slums intimately I could only laugh by reading the clich over used phrases about periphery about crime about police brutality about corruption It s as if someone built their worldview through NY Times articles or stupid movies like Central do BrasilI thought the book would have a chapter dedicated to Curitiba the city where BRT was invented and where this urban solution can be evaluated the very own notion of new architecture but nothing he just talks about Bogot in the same politized bipolarized way he talks about Rio and this is all you have about BRT Clearly there is to these cities than this romantized black and white viva la revolucion lens can offerI expected pages about Argentina tram networks the biggest in S America about Mendoza yet also nothing Instead he just goes on and on about politics in a superficial way talking of dictatorship coronelismos and similar content fit to forum postsClearly the kind of useless ramblings of leftist leaning first worlders visiting poorexoticresourceful third world with not a single objective or rational word about urbanism or architecture they only see what they want to see and are willing to distort information in order to build this narrative to you We can imagine how amazing it must be for such kind of americans or europeans to visit Brazil or Colombia they can always go back they are not stuck here having to come up with real solutions for real problems it s the same orientalizing romanticizing tourism british people did in the middle east centuries ago

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Ciudades radicales. Un viaje a la arquitectura latinoamericana

Ciudades radicales. Un viaje a la aruitectura latinoamericana Free download ´ 104 Justin McGuirk º 4 Free download Ra las concepciones más radicales de lo ue es una ciudad Auí en el continente más urbanizado del planeta las ciudades extremas han dado pie a situaciones extremas Justin McGuirk las ha recorrido y vivido y el resultado es este libro radical imprescindible para interesados en la política el urbanismo y las maneras de vivir en el siglo XXI. What if architects displaced citizens and public housing authorities behaved like Jack Reacher That is what if they were bum chucking swift witted vigilantes hellbent on rattling the massive Latin American housing crisis caused by ineuality misguided utopianism and political corruption and incompetence Find out for yourself and read Radical Cities This is a firm recommendation and props to my pal Steve who got me this book as a Christmas gift

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Ciudades radicales. Un viaje a la aruitectura latinoamericana Free download ´ 104 Justin McGuirk º 4 Free download Ables de Chile las laderas de Medellín ahora salvadas por el Metrocable y diversas iniciativas de vivienda social planteadas con espíritu práctico creatividad y una mirada al futuro Desde mediados del siglo XX cuando la utopía del movimiento moderno se fue a América Latina para morir la región se ha convertido en un campo de pruebas pa. He presents some interesting ideas none of which are his own but the absolutely condescending tone he uses to describe the people he meets especially indigenous people is absolutely insufferable He also lacks so much context his writing had a strong I ve been here for like a week and I m gonna act like I know about this place than the people who live here The topic is so fascinating but he wasn t the right guy for this I guess the tone especially bothered me as someone who is Latin American