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The Curator of Provenance Download ✓ 104 John Ratti ↠ 4 Download Read The Curator of Provenance Vised Sue to consider selling at least some of the land but she refused to part with the Haranfot’s almost four hundred year old legacy Besides she reminded him that due to a later conservation restriction nobody could develop the land the grandfathered exception being Haranfot blood and she was the last Stella urged Sue to then consider partnering with a developer it would still be yours in a way she pointed out Maybe a compromise you can live with But even the suggestion left Sue fuming The family backed off at least for now well aware of Sue’s uirky and fragile history hoping it was an idea she might come back to if she found no other alternative Thirty days That’s all Sue has and the ideas and proposals she and her friends come up with aren’t panning out until one day Sue receives a visit from a woman looking for something that was once on display at the Haranfot Memorial Library and Museum A rock an unusual mineral specimen that inspired her dying father and something he wanted to glimpse one time before passing The woman offers Sue a large sum of money for it enough to save the homestead but there’s a problem Sue had never seen the rock never heard if it and newspaper clippings the woman provided were from over fifty years ago W.

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The Curator of Provenance Download ✓ 104 John Ratti ↠ 4 Download Read The Curator of Provenance Ith a zeitgeist evoking recent popular female protagonist themed modern fiction The Curator of Provenance tells the story of Sue Haranfot the last of an almost four centuries old American family who is forced to embark upon a search for a mysterious stone called The Serendipity ueen to save her ancestors’ property Knowing what she wants but not sure how to get it Sue’s journey encompasses a series of striking events including participation in something called the Bone Game pairing with a smuggler to move a rare coin across a border accepting help from mobsters and a series of mysterious encounters associated with the long ago children’s book House Without Windows all while those back at home conspire to wrestle the Haranfot homestead away from her Sue’s race against time and journey thru the Empire of Lies to the Republic of Truth brings her to understand that the dream is free but the journey isn't and everyone must have their war to taste the blood and chaos of the world something Sue learns at the price of her innocence The Curator of Provenance is a psychological thriller wrapped inside the tale of a uest a journey that veers into an exploration of our private realities the treachery inside a wounded heart and the cost for the privi.

Summary Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ John Ratti

The Curator of Provenance Download ✓ 104 John Ratti ↠ 4 Download Read The Curator of Provenance Sue Haranfot’s eyes widened at the SEIZED notice shouting out in fluorescent red on the door of the old homestead Her jaw dropped and she threw hands on hips before ripping the sign off the door Staring at it Sue discovered the property was slated for auction over a past due tax issue She slapped her forehead how did I miss this Sue thought she had handled all the necessaries during the two years she took care of her ailing grandmother before inheriting the centuries old New England homestead Wasn’t there an escrow or something taking care of this Now Sue had a problem a devastating one considering that as the last of the Haranfot line she’d spent the past year painstakingly restoring the property making it ready to be her home and to re open the Comfort Haranfot Memorial Library Museum an ode to family and community history run out of the adjacent barn Almost fifty thousand dollars Sue’s mother Stella shook her head when she learned this after Sue discovered just how long her grandmother went without paying the property taxes on the five hundred plus acres of land Sue was hoping her step father George the man who helped raise her since her father died might help but he was having his own financial problems with a failing business He ad.

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