Freefall [Pdf/E–book]

  • Hardcover
  • 560
  • Freefall
  • Adam Hamdy
  • English
  • 16 October 2020
  • 9781472250070

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Adam Hamdy â 4 Read Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Adam Hamdy Freefall Read î 104 Eight months after confronting Pendulum John Wallace is losing himself in a dangerous warzone in a misguided attempt at penance for what he has done But an assassination attempt makes Wallace realise that he has once again been targeted for death This time Wallace is pr. Anyone that remembers how excitable and shrieky my good friend Kate of Bibliophile Book Club and I got over the first in this series the gloriously entertaining Pendulum will know that anticipation for the seuel Freefall was high As were expectations No pressure then Mr HamdyFreefall turned out to be a banging good read like Pendulum but better picking up from where that left off we find Wallace in a war zone in an attempt to make some random amends Ash fighting the force of an employer that doesn t believe her conspiracy claims and Bailey wondering where the heck his euilibrium went in the aftermath of being badly injured Sadly for them happily for the reader supporters of Pendulum s nefarious doings have mayhem in store for our intrepid trio the challenges that face them here are as likely to pull them apart as they are to bring them closer togetherThis trilogy in its first two instances are what I call intelligent thrillers The action is all consuming and relentless but the story running through the thrill ride is thought provoking and multi layered Conspiracies abound and it is true that you can trust no one unexpected allies and sudden betrayals lurk around every corner The writing is taut exciting and incredibly hypnotic the kind of beautifully written descriptive scenes and absolutely riveting character drama that meld together to produce a right old page turner Any random worries I may have had that this book 2 would suffer mid trilogy terrible syndrome went out the window with the first chapter I didn t actually throw the chapter out of the window just the worriesI m a bit difficult to please when it comes to my thriller reading to be honest If all you have is all talk and no action I get irritated If all you have is no talk and all action I get eually irritated Yes I know but for me the best thriller writers seamlessly sew together heart stopping action seuences with deeply intriguing characters and a proper well rounded plot that doesn t expect insane suspension of disbelief levels Adam Hamdy walks that line pitch perfectly making both Pendulum and Freefall an accessible delightful read for crime and thriller fans of all levelsI m a fan I know Kate loved this too as well I suspect Kermit the Frog gifs will be peppering out Twitter feeds nearer to the release of Freefall and if you haven t yet read Pendulum well you ve got a bit of time Because I m nice like that Due notice given thriller fans Read in order is my adviceHighly Recommended And then some

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Adam Hamdy â 4 Read Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Adam Hamdy Freefall Read î 104 Her case Wallace's proof breaks it but also exposes them both to terrible dangerConfronted by a powerful hidden enemy Ash and Wallace must overcome impossible odds if they are to avert a dangerous challenge to the networked world that threatens to destroy our way of lif. Some good thriller writing but rather confusingThis is the second book in a trilogy and I have to say right at the start that for me it would appear essential to have read the opening book Pendulum This book has been widely praised by amongst others James PattersonWhilst there are some very good writing and descriptive narrative there appears to be a constant battering of the senses which rarely abates and at 543 pages this was not an easy read John Wallace our journalistphotographer hero from Pendulum is in Afghanistan snapping the lives of local villagers in the area of Nuristan When they are attacked by local Afghan troops Wallace overhears the word foreigner used and realises that his life is once again in jeopardy This is prefaced by the apparent suicide of journalist Sylvia GreeneThe action would appear to centre around an organisation called The Foundation which is all seeing and all powerful In an attempt to hijack a bill called The International Online Security Act otherwise known as the Blake Castillo Bill the Foundation has managed to threaten blackmail and murder those not willing to come aboardThe characters are well fleshed out particularly those of Special Agent Christine Ash and DI Patrick Bailey and the plot moves easily between various countries But unfortunately members of the Foundation keep coming out of the woodwork like an ever incessant line of zombies No sooner is one situation resolved than members of the Foundation appear to complicate an already complicated plot To me it seems implausible that the Foundation has infiltrated so many high security organisations without having been detectedSm agolBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review

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Adam Hamdy â 4 Read Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Adam Hamdy Freefall Read î 104 Epared and tracking down his would be assassin he discovers a link to his nemesis PendulumThe link is the missing piece of a puzzle that has tormented FBI Agent Christine Ash ever since they confronted Pendulum but with no Bureau support she has been unable to progress. Back in January I read an action movie taking place in the pages of a book aka Pendulum the book ended but the story was not over enter the seuel FreefallJust like Pendulum Freefall opens with a thrilling chapter I ve always loved when a book opens with a murder it appears I also love when a book opens with a suicide Hamdy again launches the reader straight into the action and grips you from the get go While any book can be read as a standalone I think in this instance it s absolutely paramount that you read Pendulum before starting this one the plot is continuous and to skip book one in my opinion would be detrimental to your reading experienceLike most seuels the characters are returning Wallace Ash and Bailey and each character plays a key role in weaving this complex plot together Bar Wallace being in Afghanistan at the start of the novel this novel takes place between England and America Pendulum is worldwide Ash a federal agent Bailey a detective inspector in separate countries they have the same goal to find Pendulum Both agents carry the scars of their previous encounter with the mastermind killer and new scars are formed Hamdy does an amazing job of showing just how affected these officers are by all that they ve endured and still are enduring At the centre of it all is Wallace consumed by his own grief but fuelled by his desire to have no one else he loves killedAnd man is there plenty of killing in Freefall The events move at a fast pace and the action is non stop the events are exaggerated but in the way that you would find in an action movie written to entertain and get the adrenaline pumping rather than a misguided attempt to pass over action off as the norm Corruption torture betrayal Freefall has it allLike its predecessor you just cannot predict where this plot is going and just how complex this mystery is Freefall is action packed but it s not without emotion you really root for Wallace Ash and Bailey you re sadden by the mental and physical scars they carry but fiercely faithful that they will be okay in the face of all that they encounterI for sure will be checking in to see how events unfold in book three The mystery here is mostly solved but the plot runs so deep that I hope book three will reveal just how deep this conspiracy runs If you enjoyed Pendulum you absolutely must go on to read FreefallMy thanks to the publisher Headline for granting me access to a digital copy of this book via Netgalley