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  • Hardcover
  • 328
  • Ethics at the Edges of Law
  • Cathleen Kaveny
  • en
  • 15 August 2020
  • 9780190612290

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Ethics at the Edges of Law Characters ✓ 100 Arguing for the discipline of law as a valuable source of moral wisdom and conceptual insight for ethicistsCathleen Kaveny shows how the work of important contemporary figures in Christian ethics including John Noonan Stanley Hauerwas and Margaret Farley can be enriched and illuminated by engagement with particular aspects of the American legal tradition The book is divided into three parts Part I Narratives and Norms examines how the legal tradition can shed light on the devel.

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Ethics at the Edges of Law Characters ✓ 100 An interdisciplinary conversation between law and Christian thought exists but has so far been centered in the legal academy Law scholars have fruitfully critiued contemporary legal and jurisprudential issues by drawing upon concepts and norms from the field of religious ethics However the conversation needs to move in the opposite direction as well centered in religious studies and theology and reaching out to the legal field Ethics at the Edges of Law begins this movement by.

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Ethics at the Edges of Law Characters ✓ 100 Opment of religious and moral traditions Part II Love Justice and Law uses particular legal cases to advance uestions about the relationship of love and justice in Christian ethics Part III Legal Categories and Theological Problems shows how legal concepts can reframe and even resolve moral controversies within religious communities With this book Kaveny leads the way towards a mutually profitable exchange between the American legal tradition and the tradition of Christian ethi.