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Fiendish Deeds (The Joy of Spooking, #1) free read à 6 The endangered area and its secrets Little does she know that there is someone determined to destroy not only the bog but the town of Spooking itself and anyone who dares stand in his way P J Bracegirdle spins a yarn of delicious devilry and macabre mayhem in the very first book of The Joy of Spooking trilo. Children that grow up in relative comfort love and sanity get sick of that stuff pretty early in This is no reflection on the people who have raised them or the world in which they inhabit It s just that when you live in safety and security you may wish to shrug off the uiet world in which you live with and make a break for anything that offers you dank corners and mysterious underpinnings The essential premise of PJ Bracegirdle s Fiendish Deeds did not at first appeal to me In spite of its alluring Nicoletta Ceccoli cover the title and the glace I took at the book jacket did not initially cause my heart to beat any faster It looked like Tim Burton lite which I understand there is a market for but could it really be worth my time to read It is in cases such as this that it really all comes down to the writer s pen If it were not for the fact that Bracegirdle is a talented author with an original story cobbled together out of unoriginal parts I might have despaired long before finishing the first chapter However if Fiendish Deeds offers the reader anything it would have to be a truly enjoyable leap into dark bogs long lost mysteries and cunning foes in wholly new ways and worlds When I tell you that I could not stop reading I mean it This looks like the beginning of a beautiful seriesJoy and Byron Wells are Spooking residents and uite proud of the fact thank you very much Though the town is old and decomposing slowly Joy would much rather spend her days exploring its crooks and crannies rather than have to attend school in Darlington the shiny city down the hill Of course Joy s real fun comes when she gets to read and reread chapters from her favorite book The Compleat and Collected Words of EA Peugeot an Edgar Allen Poe type of collection Joy is convinced that Peaugeot spent time in Spooking recording the deeds of a monster in the nearby bog but to her horror that very same bog is due for destruction thanks to the mayor of Darlington and his right hand man Octavio Phipps Now Joy and Byron must do what they can to save the bog and its denizens even though they are only two people and there are dangers out there the like of which they ve never knownIt is a reluctant fantasy as if the book is straining against its otherworldly chains in an attempt to be relevant and realistic Instances that seem to be fantastical turn out to have practical real world causes In a way we are sucked into Joy s need for the spooky and unexplained but aside from some pretty hungry leeches which conjure up memories of Lemony Snicket to say the least and hints of disappearing that never come to fruition this is a pretty realistic little book Funny that Bracegirdle that give all the indications of a magical story but when push comes to shove it s the writing that provides the intimations of magic Not the plotI was rather fond of the writing anyway I must have been to continue reading it at all really You know that you are in good hands when in the first chapter a little old lady writes in her will The rest of it including this house and all my worldly possessions therein please flatten with one of those giant balls on a chain Who doesn t love a good ball on a chain anyway And Bracegirdle appears to be a fan of contrasts pairing the cute and cuddly alongside the fanged and rabid with relative ease Spooking we are told from the start is an old village full of Drafty old mansions standing impossibly against the onslaught of time each sinister and terrible they flash with menace whenever a storm rolls in The nearby town of Darlington on the other hand is hideous in its own suburban fervor The height of its ridiculousness comes when Joy and Byron attend a birthday party in a faux pink castle About the time you come to the girls wearing shiny smocks and pointed princess hats who bickered viciously over turns on a mechanical unicorn you too would be ready to pack it all in for Spooking never to returnThe book also happens to contain a villain of whom I have grown inordinately fond I am not always a fan of the villains found in children s books Too often they re just two dimensional set pieces meant to stand in for Evil in some manner I think a good villain is one that lets you into their head a little And a really successful one can make you sympathize with them on some level Think of Claude Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame as one example In this particular case our villain is Octavio Phipps a man attempting to avoid his own fate by any means necessary He s a former punk rocker not your usual spooky occupation for a bad guy with a penchant for an elegant phrase He is not a good man but he does make some awkward stabs at civility that are always interesting to watch One gets the feeling that though he manages to kill two people in the course of this story he probably can tell himself that they were both accidents and believe itThe general rule when it comes to villains is that if there is a mayor in a children s book they are a bad mayor This is always true unless A The mayor is the hero s dad or B The mayor is the hero The same rule often applies to principals of schools And the usual crime committed by mayors City development of course You probably saw it in Hoot where it threatened endangered owls and in Highway Cats where it threatened felines In this case the redevelopment would threaten only the residents of a bog but it s still seen as a pretty underhanded act Sex scandals and graft are difficult to impossible to work into children s middle grade novels so good old nepotism and illegal development often have to do the job insteadConsider this a kind of Edward Scissorhands for the new millennium It s a book for those kids that love Emily the Strange The Addams Family the Pure Dead Wicked books and anything else with a bit of spook and scare to it This may be the rare book that satisfies both the kids who long for fun realistic fiction and those who like their fantasy novels dark A crowd pleaser and a darn good bit of fiction in its own right Fine writing Ages 9 12

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Fiendish Deeds (The Joy of Spooking, #1) free read à 6 Masterpiece The Bawl of the Bog Fiend Could the story be true Could the bog fiend be on the loose Things become truly horrifying when Joy learns that Darlington the despicable suburban city where she is forced to go to school is planning to build a water park over her beloved bog It is up to her to safeguard. This book seems to have been written for middle school kids That is probably why it seemed to have lagged for me other than the other issue for meI will say that one of the issues I have is an eight year old having a crush on a girl I don t know that just seems weird too me Maybe you can have a crush on someone at eight years oldThe other issue is Morris he just needs to be thrown into time out for being a brat He just needs to get spanked I don t care if he s a genius but he sure did piss me offThe other issue I have is Phipps He just needs to get a life stop tormenting kids and little old ladies He also decided to torment Madame Portia and accidentally rendered her homeless while he was it He also allowed a guy to be killed by leeches too I guess that s what makes a great antagonist The mystery paranormal and the thought of what s going to happen next kept me readingThere wasn t any romance although there was something there like Bryon s crush on Lucy and Joy having feelings for Louden due to the fluttering in her stomach I m sure Louden has a crush on Joy tooI m not entirely sure but wouldn t doctors get a little suspicious when a kid shows up with a broken bone and not explain how they got it Or if the parents can t explain how their kid got the broken bone That just might be meAnyway this book was interesting

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Fiendish Deeds (The Joy of Spooking, #1) free read à 6 Do you dare set foot in Spooking It's the terrible town on the hideous hill and Joy Wells is a proud resident A fan of classic horror stories Joy is convinced that famous author E A Peugeot based his spine tingling tales on Spooking Take the eerie similarities between the nearby swamp and the setting of his. I picked up this book used because the cover reminded me of another MG novel I enjoyed called Horns and Wrinkles Turns out it s the same cover artist Not that has anything to do with anything but stillThe story Joy is a girl living in a tiny town called Spooking A nearly forgotten town on the edge of the much larger town of Darlington The Darlings tend to be unfriendly toward the residents of Spooking Joy and her brother are called Spookies and are pretty much tormented by the Darlington children And one day it s announced at their school that the bog in Spooking is going to be mowed down so a water park can be built which Joy knows will be the end of SpookingJoy loves her town It s dark and brooding just like her Joy wishes she had her mother s raven black hair She hates all things pink and frilly and her favorite author is Ethan Alvin Peugot who Joy believes was a Spooky himself before his mysterious deathUsing one of Peugot s stories Joy attempts to save Spooking s bog from destructionSimply put I loved this book I could totally connect with Joy All the other characters were vivid and uirky as well The writing completely captured me I adore books like this Dark and strange with a kind of twisted humor I am definitely getting the next book in the seriesOh I mentioned the book Horns and Wrinkles because of the cover but actually if you like this book you ll likely enjoy that one too because it s got a similar feelMy WebsiteFind me on FacebookMy YA fantasy seriesbook 1 book 2